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Greek Life at Hartwick

Mission Statement:

Greek Life at Hartwick College is based in a rich history dating back more than 80 years. During this time fraternities and sororities have been a valuable segment of the college experience. Greek organizations are avenues for members to develop special supportive relationships, stimulate academic achievement, provide organized leadership and service opportunities, expand social experiences and facilitate connection with a network of resources including alumni. Fraternities and sororities are values-based organizations that were founded on four core principles of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service.

Greek life promotes the development of close ties through living, studying, working, collaborating and having fun together. Scholarship Academics are stressed by Greek organizations from recruitment to graduation. Greeks provide resources to members including study groups, educational workshops, and scholastic awards.

The Greek community offers opportunities for developing leadership skills. Members develop skills in organization, delegation, goal setting, and time management that are necessary for success in college and alumni life.

Greek organizations participate in a variety of service projects and philanthropic events throughout the year. There are always new opportunities to get involved and give back to the Oneonta community. Hartwick College currently recognizes two fraternities and three sororities. Each of these organizations is an important part of the Greek community. Each chapter has unique characteristics formulated from rich traditions making them attractive to diverse populations.

Alpha Sigma Phi (national organization)
Kappa Sigma (international organization)
Tau Kappa Epsilon (national organization) 

Alpha Omicron Pi (international organization)
Gamma Phi Delta (local organization)
Phi Sigma Phi (local organization)

Find us on HartLink where we manage our membership, finances, events and service activities.

Director of Campus Activities and Dewar Union
Room 423 - Dewar Union 

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