Khadine Harrow '10

Khadine Harrow ’10 joined Hartwick’s Accelerated Nursing Program in the fall of 2007, eager to continue her education.

“Since then, it has been a nonstop, exhilarating journey,” she says. “I have been immersed in hands-on experience that I could only describe as what was necessary for me to realize I had finally found my niche in the world. I decided Hartwick College was right for me when I heard about its exceptional and interactive Nursing program, as well as its hillside beauty.”

Coming from New York City, Hartwick was a change of scene for Harrow, but it also provided her with an environment she felt enabled her the time to learn and grow in her area of study—away from the busy lights and mountains of distractions she felt in the city. Her previous liberal arts degree played an important role in making Hartwick a great fit, she says, in that it helped make her a well-rounded individual who can provide holistic care to her patients. Continuing her education at a liberal arts institution also has allowed her to interact with professors both in and outside of her field who have helped her explore different concepts and encouraged her to be a constant inquisitive student.

In the Nursing classroom, Harrow’s professors have played a major role in her life as both mentors and role models, encouraging her in her studies, beyond the classroom, and with her peers.

“The Nursing department has helped me realize that knowledge is power and that each of us has the ability to have a positive impact on others,” she says. “Their constant words of support are ones that radiate through my mind as I enter an exam, clinical experiences, even The Commons.”

That encouragement also has led her to get involved in the Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses and Nursing Without Borders, which have helped her see how she can effect change within different communities. Also outside of the classroom, Harrow has participated in Out of the Darkness walks and clothing drives, and took part in the Nursing programs January Term study-abroad program in Jamaica.

“Nursing is more than caring,” she says. “It is informed caring that relies on sound understanding of the sciences and arts. These experiences, and the ones I have in my everyday Hartwick happenings, have molded and will continue to mold and guide me as I grow and flourish as a respected nurse in my community.”

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