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Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses

Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses Leadership and members have been very active in transforming their student organization this year. A new constitution and mission statement has been developed to better reflect the organization, its membership and its mission.

HCASN has received endorsement from the Hartwick Student Senate as a campus club. Membership and active participation by the student body has increased significantly. A successful and fun Dining to Donate fundraiser was held at Applebee’s Restaurant on March 19th sponsored by HCASN. They also co-sponsored the April 10 potluck dinner event, increasing student awareness of the important role of professional organizations and professional engagement. HCASN has additional activities planned to increase awareness of the organization, to build a membership community, to fundraise and to play a supportive role in the Senior Pinning Ceremony. If you would like more information about HCASN, please contact the Department of Nursing.

HCASN Mission Statement:

  1. Promote wellness and health education throughout the Hartwick College and surrounding community.
  2. Represent and mentor students interested in nursing and healthcare.
  3. Promote service-oriented and community involvement of members.
  4. Provide an opportunity for students to collaborate with each other and other campus and professional organizations.
  5. Foster development of leadership skills and responsible membership in those who aspire to a role in healthcare.
  6. Contribute to quality healthcare and the advancement of nursing (education, practice, and research) through public advocacy.
  7. Increase public and professional awareness of issues that impact on healthcare.

HCASN Officers  2014-2015
Jennifer LeRoux '15 - President
Brenda Ludwig '15 - Vice President
Sarah Ryan '17 and Emily Marcotte '17- Treasurers
Tristan Davis Fralick '17 - Secretary

Dr. Debra Bond Wollaber ’73

Dr. Debra Bond Wollaber ’73

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