Jason Henderson '08

What attracted you to the Hartwick Business Administration or Accounting Program?
It was a very roundabout way that I came to the accounting program. I was recruited to play soccer, which is how I came to Hartwick. I had every intention of going to medical school and majoring in biochemistry. To fulfill the requirement for Curriculum XXI, I took Accounting I with Professor Sears. I had taken it in high school and enjoyed it. I did well and Professor Sears was very instrumental in encouraging me to continue to pursue accounting. It started as a minor, then a general accounting degree, and ultimately the B.S. in accounting. I double-majored with biochemistry, and the professors (particularly Sears and Wightman) were very helpful and accommodating to allow me to fit soccer and two majors together.

Briefly describe your career path after graduation.
I attended Indiana University (I am from Indiana) for a master's degree in biology, with the intention of improving my application for medical school. I hated almost every moment of graduate school (the program was intended to simulate medical school). I decided medical school was not the right fit for me and I looked for a job. I applied for an internship for tax season (Spring 2009) at a regional accounting firm, which I received. I was hired on as full-time immediately after tax season and have been there ever since. I am going back to school for my MBA and am nearly complete with achieving my CPA.

What was your most treasured Hartwick memory?
I don't have a single memory of Hartwick that sticks out in my mind, but I will say that my very best friends are from my Hartwick years. Unfortunately, they are all over the country. My three ushers, best man, and another groomsman in my wedding were all from Hartwick. They live in Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California, but we all try to meet somewhere once or twice a year. I still talk weekly to some of them on the phone.

What was your most important or favorite Hartwick learning experience?
Again, I don't have a single lesson in mind. I do recall Professor Sears once saying in class that if you are doing it right and understand it, when you look at these numbers, they should tell you a story. For me, they usually told a story. Professor Wightman taught me how all those numbers related to each other to tell me about business.

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