Imma Rutigliano '16

Sophomore biology major from Tillson, NY

Why Hartwick?
Hartwick has become my home away from home. I discovered the college when I was going into my junior year in high school. I came to the swim camp over the summer for a week. I used that week as an opportunity to see what the campus was like, and to meet the swim coach. I fell in love with the campus -- and the view from Oyaron Hill overlooking the valley -- right away. When the time came to start making college visits I took the college tour here. Hartwick has a lot to offer to students from the classes to the J Term experiences, to creating your own future through special programs the Hartwick provides. I was originally an exploratory student but discovered that I have an interest in biology.

What are your classes like?
Each class that I have had so far is different. Some of my classes were based on discussion, where the professor would give us an assignment for homework, and we come in the next day and talk about a passage from a book that we read or a video that we were assigned to watch. Another one of my classes was a lecture. The professor will talk to the class and provide notes on the board or a power point filled with notes. Each professor has a different method of teaching. It is important for each student here at Hartwick to adjust and create the best method for themselves when it comes to studying.

What does "theory into practice" mean to you?
Theory into practice, to me, is having the ability to take what the student is learning in the classroom and applying it to situations in life. The professors at Hartwick provide students a chance to develop their own thoughts and theories and helps guide them to making decisions that they feel are right.

How have professors made an impact on your education?
My professors have challenged me in ways that I have never expected. My FYS and comp professors have taught me how to write in a more civilized and organized way. I have learned how to stay organized and how to have fun in the classroom. They have made the classroom a fun and exciting environment to be in and learn. Each professor has added their own twist to the material in order to make it more interesting for the students.

What do you do outside the classroom?
Outside of the classroom I am part of the swimming and diving team at Hartwick College. Training and competing in swim meets take up a lot of my time outside of the classroom. In the off season from swimming I teach private swim lessons to children of the community. I also work as a lifeguard at Moyer Pool. This fall I plan on joining the rifle club in order to become more involved with the rest of Hartwick campus.

How do you describe Hartwick to your friends back home?
Back home I tell my friends and family that Hartwick is one of the best colleges around. I consider Hartwick a home away from home. Hartwick college is such a welcoming place. Every person that is involved with Hartwick college is willing to help out a person in need. Professors make themselves available to students on campus and much as possible for extra help. I feel like I can go to any of my past and present professors and ask them for help. Each person is willing to make Hartwick a better place for incoming students.

What comes after Hartwick?
After Hartwick I plan to hopefully continue on to graduate school where I will earn my degree in physical therapy. Then I hope to work with athletes or go into a private practice of my own where I can help others. I have also given a lot of thought into finding a coaching job for swimming and diving at a college. I have always loved the sport and I feel with my knowledge in the area of physical therapy I can help athletes stay healthy and become a better competitor.

What would you tell future Hartwick students?
Hartwick is a wonderful community to be a part of. Coming in as a first-year student was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The people here at Hartwick are so friendly and excited to be a part of campus. Students are offered numerous opportunities to explore their options for future careers and a chance to find themselves. The college is a wonderful place to be a member of and for college-bound high school students it is worth taking a closer look.