James Buono '15

Business major with minors in biology and environmental science and policy from New Baltimore, NY

Why Hartwick?
Hartwick was the first college I visited after a baseball game in Cooperstown during my junior year of high school. I didn't know what I was looking for, but it seemed like a nice school. I then spent the whole summer traveling to about 40 different colleges. After spending most of my summer on the road, I came back to Hartwick and everything clicked. I couldn't see myself at any other college.

What are your classes like?
I love all my classes. The professors really give you the personal attention that you need to succeed at Hartwick. You're not just a number at Hartwick; every professor knows your name, and all are here to help with unprecedented caliber. If you have a question you can raise your hand and they have the time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

What does "theory into practice" mean to you?
"Theory into practice" is really what Hartwick is all about. I took business classes in marketing and then did a J Term in Italy for marketing and advertising, We met with chief financial officers and marketing representatives from companies like Piagio, Lamborghini, Ducati, Maserati, and Ferrari car companies along with a bunch of fashion companies, and Bologna's Parmigano Romanos dairy farm and cheese factory. I could take marketing theory learned in the classroom through practice with hands on experience in the field.

Why the Three-Year Degree Program?
During high school, I didn't want to take the basic courses just to graduate. Instead, I took many college courses and had my credits transferred here to Hartwick. With a strong base of credits already taken, the Three-Year Degree Program just made sense.

What do you do outside the classroom?
I enjoy politics, so I have been President of both Smith and Saxton halls, as well as serving a term on Hartwick's Student Senate. I like team sports - playing soccer, football, basketball and ultimate Frisbee. I have worked with some friends to establish a new, nationally-recognized fraternity. Even with all of this I find some time to work on campus. I have worked in athletics, student affairs, and with Aramark (the catering company on campus). Recently, I have been a peer leader/co-instructor for Wick 101 and Success Strategies 101. And lastly, I work in admissions as a receptionist. This year I have been promoted to the admissions intern position, which I really enjoy.

I enjoy spending time with my friends. We go to the gym to play sports or just hang out around campus. Hartwick has a lot to offer with quiet places to study, places to hang out with friends and different places to eat. It is rare we even have to leave campus. But on occasion, when we do, Oneonta is a great college town with many places to eat on a student's limited budget.

How do you describe Hartwick to your friends back home?
Since Hartwick isn't far from home, many of my peers already know about Hartwick. My high school physics teacher went to Hartwick. Many of my friends are enrolled in large universities and it is hard for them to understand that smaller schools like Hartwick exist. They complain about the large classes with very limited access to the instructors. Hartwick is a more hands-on school.

What comes after Hartwick?
From working in admissions, I have found my niche may be event planning. After graduation, I would like to move closer to New York City and try to find a position with a Hartwick alumnus/a to do event planning.

Know the facts.
12The number of off-campus January Term programs planned for 2016.