Jeremy Wisnewski

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

If you ask Assistant Professor of Philosophy Jeremy Wisnewski what interests him these days, his answer might surprise you—at first. His latest project takes on torture and the moral questions that surround it. He wants to know what it is, why it's morally problematic, when it might be permissible, whether it can be eliminated, and why human beings engage in it in the first place. And if that isn't enough to keep his brain churning, Wisnewski has two related projects on his plate. He's working on two manuscripts, The Ethics of Torture and Torture: A Philosophical Analysis.

That's just what Wisnewski is up to these days. The rest of the time, he's focused on moral phenomenology and perception, and how they can help explain moral failure. His interests range from a dedication to the history of philosophy to what he calls "an unhealthy obsession with Immanuel Kant." His writings include Is the Immortal Life Worth Living? for the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Murder, Cannibalism, and Indirect Suicide: A Philosophical Study of a Recent Case in the journal Philosophy of the Contemporary World, and When Our Heroes are Our Villains. For the more pop-culture minded, Wisnewski edited Family Guy and Philosophy. His chapter is titled "Killing the Griffins: A Murderous Exposition of Postmodernism."

And Wisnewski's courses are as thought-provoking as his interests. His students learn about postmodernism, business ethics, death and the dead, and logic ... which, the course description tells you, is awesome.

Wisnewski also specializes in moral and political philosophy and 19th and 20th century French and German philosophy. He is author of Wittgenstein and Ethical Inquiry: A Defense of Ethics as Clarification (Continuum, 2007), and serves as editor of the Review Journal of Political Philosophy. He is the author of numerous articles in the journals Public Affairs Quarterly, Philosophy Today, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, among others. Wisnewski holds a B.A. in philosophy from the College of William and Mary, an M.S. in the philosophy of the social sciences from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California, Riverside.