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Off-Campus J Term Programs 2016

Global. Life-changing. Experiential. Valuable. Deep. Applied. Essential. Phenomenal. Ground-breaking. Important.

The Off-Campus J Term online application is now available. Complete applications with signed conditions forms are due April 17. 

Hartwick's Off-Campus January Term offers wonderful opportunities for students to travel, study, and live off campus. Hartwick students may select from a variety of destinations for their month-long off-campus experience.

Hartwick's unique January Term (J Term) is one of the main reasons why Hartwick leads in study abroad programming. J Term is about liberal arts and experiential learning, research and collaborations, professional and academic presentations, deep and advanced study, internships, practicums, and performances.

J Term presents opportunities that most people never get--to spend concentrated time living and learning like you never have before. Have a different experience in each of your four years. Reconsider what you think; increase who you know. Shift your ideas about who you are; who you want to be. Build a powerful resume. Impress employers and professional and graduate schools.

You have options. This year's programs offer 13 courses to 14 countries. The courses offer a view of the world through 14 different Hartwick disciplines. 11 programs are international; 2 domestic. One program is new new while 12 are returning programs.

More detailed information about each course can be found to the left of your screen.

Talk to faculty program leaders about J Term--their plans, their experiences, their intended outcomes. Ask current students what they've done; what they will never forget; what they recommend.

Scholarship Updates
The scholarship process for 2016 Off-Campus J Term programs will open on February 16, 2016. Please visit the scholarship page for more information.

Curious about what our students have done on past Off-Campus J Term courses? Visit HartwickExperience.com to read their stories.

For more information, contact us at the Global Education Office (The PSGE Center) 1st Floor Golisano Hall, 607-431-4079 or read Tweets by @yourpassage.