Latin American-Caribbean Studies Minor

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are important neighbors of the United States; together, we are the Americas, united through the arts, literature, migration, diplomacy, and economic exchange. The Americas are a mosaic of the "developed" and "developing" world, with a variety of models of socio-economic and political change.

The Latin American-Caribbean studies minor includes courses from anthropology, art, biology, English, history, political science and Spanish, providing interested students the opportunity to study the region in some detail. That interdisciplinary study includes such topics as the history and legacies of colonialism and conquest, the conflict and cooperation that has defined United States-Latin American relations, the cultural experience and contributions of the region, current politics and strategies toward economic development and ecological and environmental issues. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in an off-campus program or internship in the region. The minor aims to enhance both international academic programming at Hartwick and an awareness of hemispheric and global interdependence among states and peoples.