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Modern Languages

Marseille, FranceThe study of foreign languages and cultures has long been recognized as an essential component of a liberal education because it broadens multicultural understanding. In our time of increased globalization, the value of this education has been greatly enhanced by varied exchanges internationally as well as within our own country in medicine, commerce, education, communications, social services, and many other fields. At Hartwick College, you can prepare for careers in any of these areas by choosing to major or minor in French, German, or Spanish through the Department of Modern Languages. There is also a Latin American-Caribbean Studies minor available.

Hartwick offers dedicated teachers who are also active scholars; upper-level classes averaging 5 to 20 in size; access to the latest internet technology; and encouragement for study abroad during the January term, for a semester or for an entire year. Hartwick College programs are flexible enough to allow the completion of a double major (such as French and Finance or Spanish and Marketing), which can greatly enhance your qualifications for a postgraduate career.

All full-time faculty members are actively engaged in scholarship, service to the college and surrounding communities, and the continual development of language programs that include new courses and study abroad opportunities. Full-time faculty in all languages are supplemented by part-time professors, including native visiting professors.

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