Hartwick Technology FAQ

What does Hartwick recommend?

We strongly recommend that you bring a laptop computer to use in class and on the Hartwick network. 

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) will facilitate your use of a laptop if it meets our minimum requirements for operating system and software.  The TRC is certified to provide hardware warranty service for all Lenovo and HP laptops. We offer software support to other student-owned computers for an hourly fee, as time permits.

Is there anything else I should get for my laptop?

You should bring a 25' Ethernet cable and a carrying case designed for a laptop computer. We strongly recommend that you bring something to back up your important files, such as an external hard drive or flash drive. You may wish to bring a laptop security cable. Our experience shows that it is a good idea to have your laptop covered by accidental damage protection and to have it covered under your home insurance policy.

What if I don’t bring a laptop?

You can use the public-use machines in the library and the computers in Hartwick’s computer labs, as available, during normal building hours. Some courses require use of a laptop in the classroom. If you find that you need one for a particular course or project, you can rent one (as available) from the Technology Resource Center (TRC).

Do I have to do anything to connect my computer to Hartwick’s campus network and the Internet?

Yes, each computer that connects to the Hartwick campus network, and through that to the Internet, must have up-to-date anti-virus software with real-time protection installed. 

What should I bring to my "Hartwick - Getting Online" orientation session?

You should bring your laptop, your AC power adapter and power cord.

Does Hartwick College have wireless network access?

Hartwick provides wireless access to the campus network in classrooms, common areas, the library, administrative buildings, and in student residence halls. As an alternative to wireless, network jacks are available in classrooms, study lounges, residence hall rooms, and common areas for use with Ethernet cables.

Can I have more than one computer on the Hartwick campus network?

Yes. On the Ethernet (wired) network, a computer or device must be able to launch a web browser to authenticate and gain access to the network. Each dorm room has one network jack for each resident, but if you obtain a network switch (available at most computer and office supply stores), you will be able to use two computers on the network simultaneously. To use the wireless network, a device must register through our guest network portal. During the Welcome Weekend computer sessions, we will assist students in joining their mobile devices to the secure wireless network. 

If my computer requires repairs, can I get a loaner?

Students who purchased Hartwick-recommended computers (2009-2012) are eligible for a loaner computer if theirs is at the TRC for repair. Hartwick students with other computers are not entitled to a loaner, but they can rent laptops, as available.

Can I connect my Xbox, PlayStation 3,  other game console or smart TVto the campus network and the Internet?

Only systems that support Hartwick’s security standards can be connected to our campus network, and through that to the Internet. A game console or TV must be able to launch a web browser to allow a student to authenticate and gain access to the network.

Whom do I contact for help with my computer at Hartwick College?

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) is your first point of contact for all computer issues at Hartwick College. We are located on the first floor of Clark Hall, Room 150, and are open from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. We maintain business hours during semester breaks and the summer months as well. You can visit us, e-mail us at technology@hartwick.edu, or call us at (607)431-4357.