Jordan Liz '12

Philosophy, economics, business administration major from Bronx, NY

Ambition: Become a professor!

Aspiration: Following Aristotle; "My goal is to live a moral life, one whose actions aim at eudamonia."

J Term 2011: Directed Study with Dr. Ted Peters concerning corporate social responsibility

Select Research:

  • The effect of online piracy technology on film industry projects.
  • Analysis of David Hume's double relation of ideas and impressions and a critique concerning the limitation of the system.
  • Philosophical analysis attempting to solve Glaucon's challenge to Plato in the Republic from Aristotle's perspective.

Current Work:

  • Corporate social responsibility and the role of business (both from a capitalistic and a humanitarian perspective).
  • Aristotle's notion of the moral person and how the framework he creates may impede someone from an oppressed group from achieving the moral life.

Published Work
Dialogue, Journal of Phi Stigma Tau (2011)
Issues in Political Economy (2011)
Proceedings of the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (2010)

Select Presentations:
National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Economics, 2011, 2010
Eastern Economic Association (EEA) 2011

John Christopher Hartwick Scholar
Andrew B. Saxton Fellowship - Philosophy, Economics, and Business Administration (2011)
Omicron Delta Epsilon (International Economics Honor Society)
Phi Stigma Tau (International Honor Society in Philosophy), President
Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society for Business)
Hartwick College Honor Society
Iris Marion Young Diversity Scholar (PIKSI)

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Tanae Adderley '13

Tanae Adderley '13

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