Cyrus Mehri '83 Global Pluralism Fellowship

Cyrus Mehri, Esq., '83 has generously offered funds toward a Global Pluralism Fellowship for a deserving Hartwick College student.

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Applications are due Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

Purpose of the Fellowship:
Hartwick College has a deep commitment to global pluralism-- to bring people of the broadest range of backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences into our learning community. This commitment springs from our educational purpose: to prepare people to contribute as active, thoughtful citizens to the world of their future. Hartwick will be educationally effective only if we can create on our campus a diverse community of honest interchange, in which people can learn from one another through an open sharing of perspectives and life experiences. The success of this goal requires the presence of underrepresented students, faculty, and staff who take responsibility for bringing these perspectives fully into the educational experience. Those considered for the fellowship will demonstrate commitment to pluralism, diversity, and concern for the human condition and/or environs.

Katie Orrell '16 is the 2015-2016 Cyrus Mehri '83 Global Pluralism Fellow. Her project, entitled "Introverts and Extroverts: A GlobalKatie Orrell Perspective," aims to uncover cultural and ethnic stereotypes around personality and the ways that American culture values extroverts over introverts. Through a speaker, films, and panel discussions, Katie will encourage the Hartwick community to examine their preconceived notions about the ways students, faculty, and staff of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures should behave in order to "change how we view one another, how we treat each other, and most of all, how we coexist."

Her project will advance the goals of Hartwick's statement of purpose to educate students "who will thrive in and contribute to the world of the future; people who are prepared to meet the personal, intellectual, and social challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world." Through her project, Katie seeks to create a campus culture that more fully "recognizes the value of each individual."

Dr. Diane Paige of the Music Department will serve as Katie's faculty mentor. 

One student will be selected for this award annually. Any enrolled student is eligible for this award and all appications will be considered; however, first and second-year students are particularly encouraged to apply. 

The basic criteria for selection:

  • The perspectives and life experiences of the candidate must be outside the range of the majority of perspectives and life experiences of Hartwick students.
  • The candidate must show promise of being both personally capable of, and interested in, sharing life experience and perspective, and be committed to helping to identify and support the types of campus activities that will bring more pluralistic and global perspectives to the campus.
  • The candidate must show an ability to carry out a project and follow through on tasks, from creation to implementation.
  • The candidate must demonstrate financial need.

Term of Fellowship and Mentorship:
The award will be for the 2015-16 academic year. One student will be awarded a $2,000 grant along with her/his mentor, whose stipend will be $750. The mentor will guide the student throughout the period of the fellowship and will be required to report on activities to the Global Education Office each semester.

The Process:
A student may be nominated for this award by a faculty or staff member or a student may initiate his/her own application, which is available in the Office of Global Education.

Each student applying for the fellowship must submit an application that includes:

  • A definition how he/she meets the purpose of the fellowship.
  • A written proposal for a set of specific activities to be undertaken during the year. The activities should contribute to the presence of a diversity of perspectives on the campus. A student may propose activities to be undertaken by the student herself or himself, or may propose activities undertaken in concert with others, such as organizing a panel with guest speakers. The successful candidate will clearly demonstrate how he/she will share his/her work and contribute to the College community.
  • An itemized budget for the expenditures for activities outlined in the proposal.
  • A mentor's statement of commitment and review detailing the faculty or staff person's role in the process.

The proposal should indicate both why the student is especially well positioned to undertake the specified activities and how the activities will contribute to increasing the level and appreciation of diversity and pluralism on the Hartwick campus.

The written proposal for the 2015-2016 award should be submitted to the Global Education Office by April 1, 2015. The award will be announced at Honors Convocation in May.

Click here to fill in the application. Please make sure to fill it in electronically, sign it, and then submit it to the PSGE Center. No handwritten or incomplete applications will be accepted.