• Hartwick student with MetroLink hosts
  • Hartwick student with MetroLink host
  • Hartwick student with MetroLink host
  • NYC during Hartwick's MetroLink program


MetroLink is a one-of-a-kind program that connects students to professionals (most often Hartwick alumni and parents) in specific career fields. It's a way of getting the perspectives of people who have walked the same career steps.

As a student, the MetroLink program will enable you to:

  • Provide a close, detailed look at a future career, before you make the commitment
  • Reinforce or make you re-evaluate your choice of an academic major
  • Open up internship and post graduate job options
  • Begin or hone your networking skills
  • Meet alumni and Hartwick parents
  • Find out if you would like to live and work in a major metropolitan city

Contact careerservices@hartwick.edu to learn about future MetroLink programs.