Leah Mooridian '13

Hartwick College is proud to have alumni who give back to help support the financial needs of the school. Students like Leah Mooradian '13, believe in giving back to Hartwick even before becoming an alumna.

"Hartwick College is a school that afforded me the opportunity to get involved and take advantage of experiential learning. It has been a great fit," Leah says. Some of her favorite classes have been Human Resources Management, and Organizational Behavior, both taught by Dr. Ted Peters in the Business Administration Department. She also studied the language, culture and architecture of Austria during a J Term program. A strong believer in experiential learning and putting theory into practice, Leah concentrates on learning theories from texts and applying them to real life.

"I love learning and sharing what I learn in order to help others," she says.

Leah is an intern and an Administrative Assistant for the Music Department. She also works for the Office of Admissions as a Blue Key Tour Guide. In addition, Leah is a Peer Leader and teaches Wick 101, a first-year class. She says that she "loves meeting and talking to new and prospective students."

Although Leah is part of many different on-campus organizations, she is mainly involved in the 'Wick Student Alumni Ambassadors ('Wick SAA). She became part of the group through a friend, who was its President at the time.

"I started out as the Wick SAA treasurer but I wanted to be president of the organization," says Leah. This advancement made her more confident. It helped her decide on her major, and improved her communications and diplomatic skills. It also made her realize the importance of philanthropy.

"I came to the conclusion that I couldn't ask for donations from others if I was not donating myself," she says.

She believes that Hartwick gives to every student over their four years, so why not give back? She started by donating $5, but soon thought that "Hartwick was worth much more." She now makes an effort to give more each successive year.

"I want to lead by example. It is important for me to give as a student and it will be more important for me to give when I graduate. The future of Hartwick College depends on alumni support." She emphasized that when alumni donate, even a little, it is important.

Leah is a senior this year, and while she wants her last year at Hartwick to be enjoyable, her greater goal is the encouragement of a unified class that supports the College in the years to come.

"I have enjoyed my experience at Hartwick and I want future students to care about it as much as I do. We have the power to make Hartwick a better place for everyone."

Consider joining Leah, make your gift today.

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