Pine Lake Cardboard Boat Race Sets New Record

October 1, 2009

Pirate ships and canoes alike set sail during the 6th Annual Cardboard Boat Race on September 26, 2009 at Hartwick's Pine Lake Environmental Campus.

Teams gathered at noon to strategize over a pile of cardboard outside the Vaudevillian. Armed with 24 rolls of duct tape, a box of plastic sheeting, and box cutters, the teams added creative touches to their crafts. One team created a pirate flag for their ship while another group fashioned cardboard hats for each member.

"I'm glad the tradition has established itself," said Pine Lake Program Coordinator Dan Morse '97. "The idea is getting people to come out to Pine Lake and enjoy a nice fall afternoon."

Shortly after 3 p.m., spectators lined up along the edge of the lake. Pine Lake judges rode in on bicycles to oversee the races. Spokesperson Alyssa Pearson '12 started each time trial by lowering a yellow feather duster.

Pilot Jayson Sherman '11 constructed a pair of hand oars out of cardboard. When the oars grew too soggy mid-race, he discarded them and paddled with his bare hands. His team set a new record, completing the 100-foot course in a stunning 49 seconds.

"It's not bad," Sherman remarked of the frigid water after piloting his craft to victory.

"About half the boats usually make it," said Pine Lake Resident Manager Peter Blue. While most of the boats finished the course intact this year, there were a couple of soggy finishes.

"He asked me if I wanted to paddle with him. I'm glad I decided not to," Brian Terbush'11 remarked after watching Andrew Parisi '11 and his canoe capsize halfway through the course.

"Andrew had the most epic sink," Rebecca Hodder '11 added.

Team Fresh Peas won Most Eco-Friendly, while Parisi and the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi each took home an Epic Fail Award.

Damp but smiling, the participants gathered for a final photo after the race.

"It was really fun," Heather Quarles '11 said. "I always love coming out here."

"I encourage people to take advantage of Pine Lake," Morse said. "It's a nice resource and Hartwick is lucky to have it."

By Alicia Walstad '10
Photos by Kaitlin Reeder '10

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