Lori Collins-Hall

Hartwick’s Collins-Hall Named National Assessment Scholar

October 14, 2010

Hartwick College Associate Professor of Sociology Lori Collins-Hall has been named a Teagle Assessment Scholar, joining only a handful of professionals who have earned the national recognition.

Teagle Assessment Scholars are faculty, staff, and administrators with a strong interest in using evidence to improve student learning. Teagle Scholars have the knowledge, technical skills, social prowess, and political savvy necessary to help colleges and universities use evidence to strengthen the impact of liberal arts education within the complex organizational structures and practices that govern institutions.

There are now 60 Teagle Assessment Scholar in the country. Collins-Hall was one of 11 recently selected from a field that numbered some 60 applicants. In her role, Collins-Hall will attend Teagle Assessment Scholar Development Workshops, support center staff and Teagle Scholars, and design, implement, and evaluate a three-year assessment project at Hartwick College that uses assessment to improve student learning or experience.

Teagle Scholars are selected on the basis of their assessment expertise, scholarly contributions to assessment at their institution and liberal arts, and their project proposal.

Teagle Scholars work on assessment projects central to the mission of the College and as Collins-Hall points out, "nothing is more central for us than demonstrating we are providing a quality liberal arts education and experiential learning opportunities to advance student learning."

Collins-Hall's project proposes to work collaboratively with constituents from across the Hartwick community to explore expansion and integration of assessment around five core components of experiential learning at the College: Engaged classroom pedagogies; undergraduate student research; internships; international programs; and community-based service-learning.

"Best practices argue against a 'one size fits all' and encourages us to work together to create assessment measures that best inform our efforts to advance programs that improved student learning," Collins-Hall said.

Collins-Hall has long been Hartwick's lead in assessment endeavors. She chaired the assessment section of the College's successful Middle States self-study re-accreditation process, and was appointed Assessment Support Coordinator in May 2008. Collins-Hall chairs the College-Wide Assessment Committee, meets frequently with the college's five Vice Presidents, sits on the Committee for Assessment of General Education, and is "much in demand by faculty to explain the theory and practice of assessment," noted Hartwick Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Tannenbaum.

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