Students Immersed in January Term Experiences

January 7, 2011

With the new year comes new experiences for Hartwick students, who will fan out around the globe and across campus for this year's hands-on, in-depth January Term programs. Beginning January 10, students will immerse themselves in thought-provoking on-campus courses and one-of-a-kind study-abroad programs, internships, research, and projects.

J Term is designed to give students a closer look at the subjects, research areas, and cultures they study at Hartwick. The intensive format of the term encourages student-faculty connections through extended daily interactions and allows both students and faculty to immerse themselves in one subject. Faculty members often use J Term to experiment with new approaches or explore new subject matter, making courses different from those offered in spring and fall semesters.

This year, nearly 200 students are abroad on one of the College's 10 faculty-taught off-campus courses offered through the Center for Experiential and Integrative Learning. They're studying geography, language, politics, art, business, nursing, theatre, history, culture, ecology, and more in programs that are taking them to the Bahamas, China, England, France, Greece, Jamaica, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, and Thailand. Nationally, students are studying in New York City, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

On campus, students are taking part in even more stimulating courses. Among this year's much longer list of topics are:

  • The Middle East
  • Glasscasting
  • Transgender Cinema
  • Chemistry in Today's Society
  • Lego Robotics
  • Modern American Poets
  • Environmental Geology
  • German Literature
  • The Politics of Identity
  • Revisiting Roots
  • Europe and the World Wars
  • Magic of the Human/Animal Bond
  • Sustainability
  • Rural Health Nursing
  • Snow Shoeing/Winter Hiking
  • Love and Sexual Morality
  • Women, Politics & Development
  • Drugs and Behavior
  • The Bible Goes to Hollywood
  • Controversial Social Issues
  • Food and Social Justice
  • Theatre Production

To learn more about Hartwick's January Term programs on and off campus, click here.

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