Hartwick Plans December 6 Academic Seminar for Prospective Students

December 4, 2009

Hartwick College will host its Annual Academic Seminar for prospective students from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, December 6, 2009. The event will offer an experience of academic life at Hartwick in a series of small-group seminars to explore a variety of intellectual topics.

Reservations for the Academic Seminar may be made using our online visit form.

On December 6, you'll meet current and prospective Hartwick students who, like you, are both talented and highly motivated. Energetic, creative, and independent, Hartwick students work closely with their professors and many publish research in leading academic journals. Half complete career-related internships, and 60 percent study abroad, placing Hartwick second in the nation among liberal arts colleges for the percentage of students who study abroad (Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange). Through our renowned J Term experience, this winter our students will study art and architecture in Italy, culture in Egypt or South Africa, biology in Costa Rica, and conservation in Madagascar.

And many Hartwick students are completing their degrees in three years instead of four through our nationally acclaimed Three-Year Degree Program. (Google "Hartwick" and you'll find recognition for our program in The New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Newsweek, and more.)

Participating students can choose any two from among the following seminars:

  • 1. The Epidemic: Tracking the Source of Infectious Disease - Dr. Mary Allen, Associate Professor of Biology
  • 2. The Future of Life on Earth - Dr. Stanley Sessions, Professor of Biology
  • 3. Experiential Learning in Business Education - Dr. Ted Peters, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • 4. Cooperation and Free-Riders: Why Are Taxes Necessary? - Dr. Carli Ficano, Economics
  • 5. Poetry Writing: An Exercise in Improvisation - Dr. Robert Bensen, Professor of English
  • 6. American Indian Law and Literature - Dr. Robert Bensen, Professor of English
  • 7. Hair: Long, Beautiful Hair! - Dr. Susan Navarette, Associate Professor of English
  • 8. Do You Ever Wonder How Water Flows Underground? - Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • 9. The Heart of Mathematics - Dr. Ronald Brzenk, Professor of Mathematics
  • 10. Pick-Up-Stones: A Mathematical Game - Dr. Gary Stevens, Professor of Mathematics
  • 11. Christmas Traditions in Germany - Dr. Wendell Frye, Professor of German
  • 12. Is Everyone Entitled To His/Her Own Opinion? - Dr. Stanley Konecky, Professor of Philosophy
  • 13. Global Warming: When Did It Start, How Serious Is It, Can It Be Stopped? - Dr. Robert Gann, Professor of Computer & Information Sciences and Physics
  • 14. Einstein's Universe: Continued Expansion or Re-Collapse? - Dr. Parker Troischt, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • 15. Steppin' Up: Oneonta Community Alliance for Youth (OCAY) Intergenerational Grassroots Organizing for Youth Voice and Creative Space - Dr. Kate O'Donnell, Professor of Sociology
  • 16. Ceramics: Exploring the Wheel - Stephanie Rozene, Assistant Professor of Art
  • 17. What Happens Next? The No Pressure Improvisational Theatre Hour- Marc Shaw, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Please join us on December 6. Be sure to go to our online visit form to save your spot at the Seminar. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at 888-HARTWICK or e-mail us at

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