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Hartwick Hosts Academic Seminar Day November 19

November 7, 2011

Prospective students can go inside the Hartwick College classroom on Saturday, November 19, during Academic Seminar Day. Participants meet some of Hartwick's most celebrated faculty, and will see firsthand the cutting-edge research that has earned them (and their students) international praise.

"The Academic Seminar Day is one of our most popular programs," explained Director of Admissions Jonathan Kent, "because it gives students a real, hands-on idea of the scholarly work going on inside the classrooms at Hartwick College. It's a great opportunity to get your feet wet and learn what it's really like to be a student learning from Hartwick's renowned faculty."

Participants may choose up to four academic seminars and register online.

Seminars and their presenting faculty are as follows:

  • BIOLOGY: Building Hearts and Brains from Scratch: Organ Regeneration at Hartwick College
    Dr. Stanley Sessions, Professor of Biology
    Is it possible to regenerate a heart, brain, and other internal organs?

  • ECONOMICS: Macroeconomics as if the Real World Existed
    Dr. Karl Seeley, Associate Professor of Economics
    What do we learn about the economy by working our way to it from ecology?

  • THEATRE ARTS: Actor Scene Study through Beat Analysis: Learning More than Just the Lines
    Ken Golden
    , Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
    This group exercise will help students who wish to be better actors (and also lighting and sound designers) identify and use beats to know what to do through the whole scene and not just when they themselves are speaking. It is also a nifty way to help learn lines.

  • MATHEMATICS: The Heart of Mathematics
    Dr. Ronald Brzenk, Professor of Mathematics
    An interactive introduction to some of the great ideas of mathematics, including infinity, chaos, fractals, rubber sheet geometry, randomness, dimension beyond the third dimension, and games involving geometry and number theory.

  • CHEMISTRY: Hartwick's Efforts on Counterterrorism
    Dr. Richard Benner, Associate Professor of Chemistry
    Come see how Hartwick students and faculty are helping to fight terrorism as we work with government scientists to develop sensitive chemical instrumentation for tracking and tracing chemical and biological warfare agents.

  • COMPUTER SCIENCE: Creating a Computer Game for the Spring 2011 Hartwick Play
    Dr. Robert Gann, Professor of Computer and Information Science and Physics
    In May of 2011, the Department of Theatre Arts put on Jennifer Haley's play Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom. The creation of thie Freedman Prize-winning project will be explained, and scenes from the play will be shown.

  • GERMAN: Christmas Traditions in Germany
    Dr. Wendell Frye, Professor of German
    How is celebrating the holidays in Germany different from doing so in the US?

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE: Explaining Climate Change Inaction
    Dr. Amy Forster-Rothbart, Assistant Professor of Political Science
    As the world gears up for another global climate change conference at the end of November, we will look at why international cooperation to address the problem has been so difficult to achieve.

  • MUSIC: West African Drumming
    Dr. Diane Paige, Associate Professor of Music
    This mini-seminar is a hands-on exploration of the kpanlogo style of drumming found in southern Ghana. Students will have the opportunity to play West African drums and learn a standard drumming pattern found in kpanlogo.

  • PHILOSOPHY: Is Everyone Entitled to His/Her Own Opinion?
    Dr. Stanley Konecky, Professor of Philosophy
    Come participate in a discussion about this crucial opinion.

  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Experiential Learning in Business Education
    Dr. Theodore Peters, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
    Experience the complexities, challenges, competition, successes, and fun of management decision-making in building a business.

  • ENGLISH: Edgar Allan Poe and the Google Advanced Book Search Engine: New Light on a Dark World
    Dr. David Cody, Professor of English
    Many of Poe's quaint and curious tales were secretly indebted to obscure literary works by other writers. Today, with the help of the Google Books Advanced Search Engine, we can solve some old mysteries and gain new insights into the mysterious kingdom of the great author's creativity

  • ART HISTORY: Recycled Media: Contemporary Art from Commonplace Objects
    Dr. Doug Zullo, Associate Professor of Art History
    Artists have used whatever materials were at hand since the first people painted on the wall of a cave with mud. Explore how the stuff of everyday life changes meaning when artists rearrange it.

  • HISTORY: Finding Yourself in American History
    Dr. Edythe Quinn, Associate Professor of History
    Students bring a wide variety of personal resources to their classes. By identifying, analyzing and writing about these resources, students better understand how their family and community histories intersect with national events and movements. This is an introduction to the type of experiential learning projects used in many of Dr. Quinn's courses.

For additional information, contact the Hartwick College Office of Admissions at 888-HARTWICK (888-427-8942) or

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