Get to know Hartwick faculty in your discipline during an Academic Visit Day

Hartwick Plans Academic Visit Days

October 13, 2011

Throughout November, Hartwick College will host a series of programs designed to give prospective students an inside look at their chosen disciplines.

Each day will include a meeting with faculty and staff from given departments, lunch with scholars in the field, tours of Hartwick's academic facilities. Prospective students will be invited to attend classes, and in some cases, to audition.

Hartwick's expansive Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum merges traditional liberal arts study, personalized teaching and experiential learning. Add to that a wide range of off-campus internships, collaborative research, study abroad opportunities, and our unique January Term, and the result is valuable graduates who are fully prepared for the world ahead.

One of the reasons Hartwick alumni excel is Hartwick's emphasis on "experiential learning." Simply put, that's "learning by doing." Through career internships, study abroad experience, collaborative research with faculty, and community-based service learning experiences, Hartwick students get their hands dirty in the real world. This pays off on paper when it's time to write a resume, and in practice when it's time to use what you've learned.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for an Academic Visit Day today, and come check out what Hartwick has to offer. Click here to register.

Music and Music Education - Tuesday, November 8
Auditions will be available for students interested in majoring in Music and Music Ed. If you are not interested in auditioning on that day, we still encourage you to visit and take advantage of time with our music faculty, sitting in on a class, and taking a campus tour. Although not required, this program is in conjunction with our Hartwick Overnight Program on Monday, November 7.

Science - Wednesday, November 9
When it's time to get into the field, the lab, or the observatory, Hartwick students are ready! All those interested in majoring in a physical science should consider this a great opportunity to meet our expert faculty members, enjoy lunch on the house, and sit in on a class. Classes will include Historical Geology, Astronomy, and Exercise Physiology.

Business Administration - Friday, November 11
If you are interested in getting into the business world, visit Hartwick to get a first-hand look at how we do business on campus. Sit in on a class, chat with faculty members over lunch, and take a full campus tour while you're here. By the time you leave, you'll understand why Business Administration is the most popular major on campus.

To register for an Academic Visit Day, please call 888-HARTWICK to speak with a staff member or click here to register. We will provide you with a confirmation e-mail as the days approach. See you soon!

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Hartwick College is a private liberal arts and sciences college of 1,500 students, located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Hartwick's expansive curriculum emphasizes a uniquely experiential approach to the liberal arts. Through personalized teaching, collaborative research, a unique January Term, a wide range of internships, and vast study-abroad opportunities, Hartwick ensures that students are prepared for the world ahead. A Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program and strong financial aid and scholarship offerings keep a Hartwick education affordable

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