A Scene from Ankur Singh's "Listen: The Movie"

"Listen: The Movie" to be Screened at Hartwick

April 9, 2014

Independent documentary Listen: The Movie will be screened in the Celebration Room of Hartwick College's Shineman Chapel House on April 24, 2014 at 7 p.m. Ankur Singh, the 19-year-old film maker, will be on-hand for questions and discussion at the conclusion of the film. The event is free and all community members are invited to participate in the screening.

The documentary film was written, produced, filmed and narrated by Singh, a young man who takes the second semester of his freshman year in college off to explore the current state of education in the United States.

Driven by his own frustration with what he sees as a deadening enterprise of hoop-jumping, he sets off across the country with camera in hand. The film reveals that despite the dehumanizing nature of the education reforms associated with No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, we are still very much human: idiosyncratic, resourceful, resilient, and ultimately free. Singh illustrates this by allowing his subjects to speak for themselves, and there are all kinds. Many of his subjects have suffered deeply at the hands of the educational system but each has found ways to resist or reject it and to come out emboldened by their struggle.

"At its center, Listen is incredibly hopeful; we are reminded of what learning really entails," said Hartwick College Associate Professor of Education Dr. Elizabeth Bloom in a recent review of the film. "One of the things I most appreciated about the film was that, though Singh doesn't shy away from the hard truths about the corporate reform juggernaut, he firmly rejects being vanquished by it."

The event is sponsored by the Hartwick College Education Club. For additional information, please contact Bloom at (607) 431-4945 or at

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