Hartwick Receives Record Number of Applications

April 11, 2011

Hartwick College has received a record number of applications for fall 2011. As of early April, 5,769 first-year students have applied to the College, a 52 percent increase since 2010 and 134 percent increase since 2009. While growing its application pool, the College also is attracting academically stronger and more diverse students.

"It's always gratifying to see this kind of response, so many more students, and academically stronger students, applying to Hartwick from every region of the country," Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing David Conway said. "This tells us that what the College offers—this dynamic melding of traditional liberal arts study and experiential learning—is really resonating out there with students of every background, from coast to coast and everywhere in between."

The increase in applications means Hartwick has become more selective in the admissions process, with the acceptance rate dropping from 88 percent in 2009 to 62 percent for 2011. This year's accepted students have an average GPA of 88.6 (up from 86.5 two years ago) and an average SAT score of 1151 (up from 1109 last year and 1112 in 2009).

The College also has seen a large increase in applications from out-of-state students, specifically California, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Texas. In all, applications have been received from all 50 states for the Class of 2015, meaning the College will have a more geographically and culturally diverse population going forward. Applications are up more than 100 percent for African-American, Asian, and Hispanic students.

"Being more selective has allowed us to choose the right students for Hartwick, which will increase engagement academically and socially," Director of Admissions Jonathan Kent said. "Those who have been offered admission are in the National Honor Society, captains of sports teams, top of their class, Eagle Scouts, volunteer on a regular basis, have traveled the world, and the list goes on. It is an exciting time at Hartwick, and I'm excited to see these students in action."

The increase in both applications and the academic standing of potential students can be attributed to several factors, Kent said. The Office of Admissions has expanded Hartwick's message to a broader range of students across the country who are most likely to benefit from the College's unique academic emphasis. Students have been drawn to Hartwick's experiential learning opportunities, such as January Term and student/faculty research, as well as the College's small class sizes and unique Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program, which saves families a quarter of the cost of a traditional Hartwick degree.

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