2011 Hartwick Athletic Hall of Fame inductees

Hartwick Athletic Hall of Fame Celebrates Soccer Champions, Aides

October 3, 2011

On Saturday, October 1, a gala evening was held inside Lambros Arena to welcome the Hartwick College Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Hundreds converged upon the event to celebrate the enshrinement of Duncan Macdonald '78, Ed Clough '60, Cal Chase '71, and the entire 1977 men's soccer team.

After dinner and welcoming remarks from emcee Neal Miller '72 and Hartwick College Board of Trustees Chair Dr. James Elting, Hartwick President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich took to the podium.

"What a pleasure it is to come together to celebrate tonight's inductees into the Hartwick College Athletic Hall of Fame," she said. "The success of those we honor tonight is as much a tribute to remarkable coaches as it is to the athletes themselves. Make no mistake, excellence is not an accident."

Jeff Tipping '78 introduced Macdonald, his longtime friend and teammate on some of Hartwick's most successful soccer teams.

"I don't have a brother by birth," Tipping said," but if I had a brother I'd want him to be like Duncan Macdonald."

Macdonald played in three NCAA Final Fours as a member of the men's soccer team, helping lead them to a national title in his senior year. He was a two-tie All New York State selection, and the number one  pick in the American Soccer League draft,  among other notable accolades.

"This is a very humbling experience for me," Macdonald said. "I was just a part of a great team, and I was lucky to be a part of it."

Clough was introduced by former men's soccer coach Jim Lennox, who noted that "you can always tell how well a Hartwick team is playing by [Clough's] body language."

An Oneonta native, Clough played both basketball and baseball for Hartwick, but made his greatest mark as Sports Information Director for 11 years and photographer for Hartwick's teams, a role he has held for 35 years.

"As time went by, Cloughy became more and more a part of the fabric of the Hartwick community," Lennox noted. "He is a man of passion, dedication, and commitment to an ideal."

"Growing up, my friends and I went to every Hartwick game," Clough recalled. "We absolutely idolized those players. I've had so much fun covering these teams, and hanging around you guys for all these years. Thank you for this honor."

Lennox also introduced Chase, often known as Hartwick soccer's foremost fan.

"At first Cal was just one of our strong fans, and then all of a sudden he started going to the away games. He would travel everywhere, and he would find a way to get there. He became more and more integrated into the Hartwick soccer family. When he believes in something, he fights for it, and we can all thank Cal for the way he fought for us."

Chase was a major force behind the "Re-Ignite The Wick" campaign to preserve Division I athletics at Hartwick, has served two separate terms on the Alumni Board of Directors, and as team captain of the Hartwick College Capital Campaign from 1982-83. He has seen nearly 500 Hartwick soccer matches in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

"I was simply a Hartwick soccer fan, long before I was a Hall of Famer," Chase reflected. "That's how I'm proud to enter this museum. I've seen absolutely the best that College has to offer, right here on this campus. This is my 45th year of Hartwick soccer, and it's been a [great] ride. Thank you."

After a video of highlights, Tipping and Lennox took the podium to accept induction on behalf of the National Champion 1977 Hartwick College men's soccer team, most of whom were in attendance.

There is no more storied squad in the long history of Hartwick College athletics than the 1977 Men's Soccer Team. They won the only national championship in Hartwick history and racked up the only undefeated season, finishing with a 16-0-2 record. At California Memorial Stadium in Berkley, CA, they defeated San Francisco by a score of 2-1 to claim the national title.

"We weren't just representing ourselves," Tipping said of the team, "we were representing Hartwick College and the City of Oneonta. I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and still say 'YES!' It's that much of a rush to win a national championship. "

"The sort of personality dynamics that were involved in this particular group of players was just outstanding," Lennox said. "They were the perfect team. Their personality, their work ethic, they were just perfect.

"The team won the national championship on the field, but we want to share this with you," he said. "It's important that Hartwick College and the Oneonta community know that they were a part of that championship too."

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