Businesses Welcome Students During BinghamtonLink

January 26, 2011

BinghamtonLink 2011 at Roberson MuseumEarly in their academic careers, Hartwick students are given an opportunity like few others--to see their chosen fields in action and make sure the professions they're studying are the right fit for them, often before they even commit to a major.

Each year, more than a dozen first- and second-year students spend a day shadowing professionals during BinghamtonLink, a program that connects them with employers and gives them a hands-on, up-close look at careers ranging from medicine and teaching to manufacturing and economics. This year, 15 students traveled to the greater Binghamton area on January 20. They shadowed professionals at the Roberson Museum and Science Center (shown), the Greater Binghamton Health Center, BAE Systems, and many more sites in the area.

The program is part of a trio of job-shadowing opportunities available to Hartwick students. Along with BinghamtonLink, the College also organizes Oneonta/CooperstownLink and MetroLink. The latter gives students a look at careers at often high-profile businesses in Boston and New York City.

In Binghamton, students and their hosts gathered at the end of the day for a reception at the Binghamton Club, where they were able to connect with alumni and others in the job market. Guest speaker Andy Goodell '08 also spoke to the group about his work since graduating from Hartwick.

Special thanks go out to Bruce Cameron '67, Barbara Klapp Vartanian '71, John Jones '84, Cathy and Bill McGowan P'98, Susie Stankiewicz, the committee members who worked to make this year's placements, and the many Hartwick alumni, parents, and mentors who accommodated the students on their job-shadowing experiences this year.

Here's where students went this year:

Diana Acker '12 shadowed Carla Sives '84 at BAE Systems
Tanae Adderley '13 shadowed Jim Daniels at Davidson, Fox & Co., LLP
Alanna Barrera '13 shadowed at Lourdes Hospital
Aylin Canpolat '12shadowed David Wray at Greater Binghamton Health Center
David Esposito '11 shadowed Peter Cronk and Mark Bandurchin at Riger Advertising Agency
Kristen Grunert '12shadowed Carrie Auken at ReRent Property Management
Stephanie Ha '12shadowed Jim Conklin at AllReady Printing
Veronica Hudak '14shadowed Sarah Bridgman at Greater Binghamton Health Center
Katherine Kasacel '14 shadowed Andrew Merriweather at Binghamton University
Tyler Perry '14shadowed Sarah Bridgman at Greater Binghamton Health Center
Shantaye Picard '14 shadowed at Lourdes Hospital Primary Care
Andrea Quinlan '13 shadowed John Jones '84 at Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP
Lysandra Tetreault '12 shadowed Jim Daniels at Davidson, Fox & Co., LLP
Margaret Webb '13shadowed Dale Ketcham at Roberson Museum & Science Center
Mallory Weber '13shadowed at Binghamton University

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