The William V. Campbell H'10 Fitness Center Groundbreaking Ceremony - One of the events in which The Campaign for Hartwick Students was announced. Pictured from l to r: Geoff Smith, Board Member of the Dewar Foundation, Carol Ann Hamilton Coughlin '86, Member of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees, Diane Hettinger '77, Acting Chair of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees, Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, Hartwick College President, Brian Cook '16, Hartwick College Student, Megan Fallon, Director of Campus Activities and Dewar Union at Hartwick College, A. Bruce Anderson '73, Member of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees, Debra Fischer French '80, Member of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees.

Hartwick College Announces “The Campaign for Hartwick Students”

June 7, 2013

Hartwick College has announced its $32 million fundraising campaign, The Campaign for Hartwick Students, and that $19.4 million of that amount has already been raised through the advance leadership phase of the Campaign.

According to Hartwick College President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, the Campaign for Hartwick Students was designed to be personal. It will fund a wide variety of projects, all with the goal of preserving and enhancing the personal nature of the Hartwick educational experience by strengthening the student experience.

"This Campaign will build strength and stability for the future of Hartwick College," said Drugovich. "The Campaign objectives are designed to impact the experience of every student on Hartwick's campus ... That is the most important idea behind this Campaign - that we put students and the quality of their experience first."

The official announcement of The Campaign was made and celebrated via kick-off events that took place from Friday, May 10 through Saturday, May 11, 2013.

On Friday, May 10, Hartwick recognized some of its best student scholarship with its 6th annual Student Showcase featuring more than 250 presentations spanning numerous areas of study across campus. During this event, Drugovich, along with Judy Freedman H'13 and Allen Freedman H'00, presented the Freedman Prizes, which were awarded to recognize superior student-faculty collaborative research and creative projects.

Hartwick faculty and staff, students, friends, family and community members also gathered for the "Blue Bash" Luncheon to celebrate the official Campaign announcement. Later in the day, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to recognize the construction of the William V. Campbell H'10 Fitness Center, and the "Blue Tie Affair" Dinner was held that evening to formally celebrate investors in Hartwick's future.

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, Hartwick welcomed back some of its most storied alumni for the unveiling of the "Alumni at the Forefront" Wall of Fame, and hosted a panel titled "Making and Managing Change in the Inevitable Unknown." Panel members including John Doelp '76, David Long '83, Cyrus Mehri '83, and Rob Rowe '81 spoke to the topics of innovation, globalism and the economy.

During these events, it was announced that The Campaign for Hartwick Students includes three strategic objectives, which are building the endowment to support student scholarships, undertaking student-focused capital projects, and increasing annual giving.

Growing the endowment is the largest single objective in the Campaign, with increased endowment income yielding strategic investments in Hartwick people and programs. Newly endowed funds will provide deserving students with access to Hartwick's educational experience through scholarship aid and through January Term (J Term) and Off-Campus experiences.

According to Drugovich, to date, 37 scholarships totaling nearly $5.5 million have been created as a part of the Campaign.

"This Campaign objective is key," said Drugovich. "We want to afford every Hartwick student the opportunity to participate in our international study and other off-campus experiences. This is our goal."

In response to this fundraising, Dr. Brian Wright H'03, PM'11, honorary chair of the Campaign for Hartwick Students, stated that he looks forward to ongoing efforts to build endowment via the Campaign.

"I am particularly excited for the fundraising efforts surrounding student scholarships and J Term," said Wright. "President Drugovich organized thoughts surrounding experiential learning, and put words and meaning to what the college is all about. This Campaign is what will take Hartwick to the next level of performance."

Drugovich also noted that the strength and size of the endowment is important to the sustainability of the College and the liberal arts education experience.

"J Term is transformative in the lives of our students, and is in direct alignment with our mission statement," she said. "Studying abroad expands thinking, takes courage and develops confidence, and these are qualities in our students that we want to nurture. We also understand that we need to remain partners with our families to keep a Hartwick education affordable."

Francis Landrey P'06, lead volunteer for the Campaign, agreed that J Term and scholarship support continues to be an important priority for Hartwick through this Campaign in addition to other goals, such as support of capital projects campus-wide.

"It is important to immerse yourself in other cultures," said Landrey. "My son, Owen Landrey '06, benefited from J Term trips during his time as a student at Hartwick College. Hartwick provides as quality an education as you can get."

The second objective of the Campaign is student-focused Capital projects across campus. From the $3.4 MM Dewar Union/Stack Lounge renovation and Campbell Fitness Center construction, to renovations within the Anderson Center for the Arts, Athletic Facilities renovations and the "Greener Hartwick" sustainability enhancements, these capital priorities represent Hartwick's greatest opportunities to fulfill its promises to students and to preserve its beautiful campus.

Carol Ann Hamilton Coughlin '86, chair of the Campaign for Hartwick Students, said what resonates most with her about these fundraising efforts is a concentration and focus on the need to keep a Hartwick education affordable.

"As the cost of a private education continues to increase, this Campaign will help us to ensure the 'Hartwick experience' for those who want it," she said. "President Drugovich has done a tremendous job with this to date and we are so pleased for this big moment in Hartwick history."

The third and final objective of the Campaign for Hartwick Students is strengthening the Hartwick Fund, with a goal of $10 million in gifts. Alumni, friends, and parents of current and former students who donate to the annual fund help to assure that funds are available for Hartwick student-faculty collaborative research, learning experiences, and faculty professional development.

"You can do something flashy, or you can do something that will build a future," concluded Drugovich. "This Campaign is designed to leave a lasting legacy that will build strength for the College in the years to come. Our students are, and should always remain, our first priority. We have great aspirations for our future."

For more information on how to become involved in the Campaign for Hartwick Students, visit, or contact Vice President for College Advancement Jim Broschart at 607-431-4026 or

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