Hartwick Wraps Up Summer of Campus Improvements

August 25, 2011

Hartwick College recently wrapped up the majority of a long list of summer of projects that have improved buildings, parking lots, and infrastructure across campus. The work began as soon as students left in May and will be completed by the end of this month.

"Summer is quickly coming to a close, and our summer projects are nearly student ready," Director of Facilities Joseph Mack said in updating the campus toward the end of this summer's work. The purpose of the work, he said, is to improve the overall living and working environment of students, facility, and staff.

Since May, Hartwick has completed projects in the following areas:

Roads and lots
New pole barn to greenhouse road
New lot at Shineman Chapel House
New lot at Anderson Center for the Arts
Seven new catch basins
80 feet of underground drainage at first-year parking

Walk and step rebuilds
Anderson Amphitheater
400 feet of underground drainage at Anderson
Holmes to Wilder walk
West sSreet entrance to Anderson
Yager steps and walks, upper and lower
Landing from rain garden to Yager
Shineman walkway
VanEss walkway

Building improvements
Johnstone Science Center — HVAC repairs
Clark Hall — brick-veneer replacement, railing repair, capstone repair, retaining-wall repair
Anderson — Foreman Gallery mezzanine, new bamboo floor
Van Ess — abatement, sprinklers, new floor, new stair landings, building painted top to bottom, new ceiling tiles, new fire doors, new furniture
Smith Hall — vinyl tile in foyer, walk off carpet in entry
Yager — Slade stage, painting, ceiling repair, new lights, Anthropology corridor new carpet
Dewar — boiler room abatement
Binder — Lambros Arena floor, baskets, and lift mechanism, tennis courts north end, removed obsolete cooling tower

The College is expected to complete the final stages of campuswide renovations in time for the arrival of new students on September 2.

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