Hartwick Community Wishes Clemens Farewell

June 22, 2010

After more than three decades spent with her hands on nearly every facet of the College's administration, Karyl Clemens bid Hartwick farewell. Scores of friends and colleagues turned out on Tuesday afternoon, June 22, to wish her well in retirement.

"Organizations are nothing more than the people who work in them," said Hartwick President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, for whom Clemens has most recently worked as a Special Assistant. "And, at the same time, they are so much more than that, because it is interlocking effort that makes Hartwick as strong as it is, stronger than if we acted alone. Sometimes there is a person who hopes for more, adds more, and leaves more behind. This is the case of Karyl Clemens."

Clemens has held key leadership positions in the Offices of Residential Life, Admissions, Institutional Advancement, and the President. She has touched the lives of thousands of Hartwick students, as vividly recalled by Director of Alumni Relations Duncan Macdonald '78, who took the podium to tell of an alumnus who stopped in his office immediately upon returning to campus to ask after Clemens.

"As we review your history we can see, at turn after turn, year after year, the points of intersection between your intercession and what would become Hartwick's future," Drugovich said. "Student Life, Admissions, Development, your work with two presidents--you were here when the location of the library was debated, and now still today as we consider new ways to assure a strengthened future."

Alumni Association President Neal Miller '72, Partner of the President Beth Steele, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Jason Curley, and Board of Trustees Chair Dr. Jim Elting spoke to Clemens' professionalism, attention to detail, and compassion for her colleagues and Hartwick students.

When Clemens took the podium, she noted that she had attended many Hartwick retirement celebrations, but "never expected to be the one standing up here." She thanked her colleagues for their hard work and camaraderie, noting that while she will cease being a Hartwick employee, the College will always hold a special place in her heart.

Clemens, whose husband, John, is a Professor of Business Administration at Hartwick, said she intends to remain a part of the College community, perhaps attending many of the gala events she has long had a hand in planning and executing.

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