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Hartwick Names 2009-10 Emerson, Duffy Scholarship Winners

May 12, 2009

Twelve Hartwick College students have been chosen as recipients of 2009-10 Emerson Foundation International Internship and Duffy Family Ambassador scholarships.

Eight students—Kathleen Brennan ’10, Silvanna Esposito ’12, Megan Glennon ’11, Kathlyn Kolenda ’10, Melanie Hart ’10, Seth Lucas ’10, Vicki Luppino ’10, and Rebecca Nemchick ’10—will receive support for international internships that will expand their post-graduate career options around the globe. Here’s a closer look at this year’s winners:

  • Kathleen Brennan ’10, a Biology major, will travel to Madagascar this summer to work with scientists at the Lokaro Environmental Reserve. She will work alongside research professionals to conduct a population survey of mouse lemurs to determine the size and health of the population.
  • Silvanna Esposito ’12 will intern with a children’s rehabilitation hospital in Peru in January 2010. She will work alongside trained nurses and doctors to study rehabilitation techniques. Silvanna hopes this opportunity provides her with the experience needed to be a strong candidate for medical school. Education student
  • Megan Glennon ’11 will spend her summer teaching at the Tasis Dorado School District in Puerto Rico. She will work along Garrison Knapp ’02 to gain experience in a formal classroom setting.
  • Kathlyn Kolenda ’10, an English major in the Education program, will intern at the Gazankulu Primary School in Soweto in January 2010. She hopes to learn new theories, styles, and methods of teaching while stepping outside of her traditional learning environment.
  • Melanie Hart ’10, a Math major in the Education program, will spend J Term 2010 in Costa Rica, practicing Spanish and gaining teaching experience through the Cross Cultural Solutions program. She hopes to understand the day-to-day challenges and schedule of a classroom teacher and make an impact on the lives of children.
  • Seth Lucas ’10, an English and Theatre major, will travel to Russia to teach English in a school or orphanage. His summer internship will allow him to interact directly with students and children in a multi-cultural setting. In addition to his work experience, he hopes to bring back photographs of Russia and its people, which he will then share with the Hartwick community.
  • Nursing major Vicki Luppino ’10 will spend January 2010 in Ghana, Africa, studying the strategies being employed to combat the human immunodeficiency virus. Her motivation for researching HIV stems from her 10 years of experience working with HIV patients at local non-profits and hospitals.
  • Rebecca Nemchick ’10, a Biology major, will intern at the Lokaro Environmental Reserve in Madagascar this summer. She hopes to gain insights into field techniques and procedures while determining whether a new species of lemur can be introduced to the Lokaro Reserve.

Four students—James Walsh '10, Sara Williams '10, Ben Wronkoski '10 (shown above with Kevin Duffy '95), and Breda Smith '10—will receive Duffy awards in support of educational travel abroad for in-depth, one-on-one experiences in places they have not previously visited. The awards were established in 1999 by former Trustee John Duffy H’00, P’91, P’95 and his wife, Anne Duffy P’91, P’95. Here's a closer look at this year's recipients:

  • Breda Smith ’10, an Anthropology major, will travel to South Africa during January Term 2010. By interviewing locals in the community, Smith hopes to understand traditional Zulu medical practices and how those practices influence attitudes toward western healthcare. Her research will be conducted in local and urban areas around Durban and Johannesburg.
  • James Walsh ’10, a triple major in History, Spanish, and Math, will spend the summer in Colombia researching the development of the modern Colombian state. He plans to use information gleaned from primary resources and conduct oral interviews in order to develop an outline for his Senior Thesis.
  • Sara Williams ’10, an English major, will spend the upcoming summer traveling in Ireland to learn about the role oral tradition plays in Ireland’s cultural history. She will conduct interviews with professional storytellers who perform at folk festivals and other events around Ireland. She also will compare contemporary storytelling to written works of Irish authors.
  • Ben Wronkoski ’11, a History major with a strong interest in Photography, will travel to New Zealand in January 2010 to immerse himself in the landscape of the country. He’ll practice photographic techniques learned at Hartwick to examine the diversity of New Zealand. He plans to present a photo exhibit of his work upon his return to campus.

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