Rozene to Present Friday's Faculty Lecture Series

September 14, 2009

Assistant Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene will present the first of this year's Faculty Lecture Series discussions at 4 p.m. Friday in Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall.

Rozene will present Disarming Domesticity: The Role of Pattern as a Visual Language, a discussion of how much of contemporary ceramics retains its ongoing historic placement within the domestic framework—in forms or as a springboard for focused ideas. She also will speak about how unique work of layered meaning and motivation emerges from this visual context, offering discovery and content worthy of sustained reflection.

The lecture addresses Rozene's current work, which investigates pattern’s role, particularly pattern found in and on objects in the White House, in communicating meaning. The work, which is imbued with deeply thoughtful ideas and highly charged emotional sparks, confronts people with unfamiliarity, introducing a new vantage point to the seemingly familiar.

She also will address the importance of the gallery space and site-specific installation, which plays an important role in communicating the conceptual, historic, and contemporary voices within the work. Forms initially read as plate, bowl, and cup become upon closer examination studies in visual and physical weight, ergonomics, and historic referencing, all of which play a role in communicating its purpose and voice to the viewer.

Rozene's lecture is the first of eight discussions throughout the 2009-10 academic year focusing on literature, art, education, physics, business, history, and biology. Faculty members will discuss recent research in their field with members of the Hartwick community. Presenting later this year are Professor of English Thomas Travisano, Assistant Professor of Education Johanna Mitchell, Associate Professor of Business Administration Scott Dalrymple, Assistant Professor of Physics Parker Troischt, Assistant Professor of English Robert Seguin, Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard, and Professor of Biology Linda Swift.

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