Troischt to Present Friday's Faculty Lecture Series

February 16, 2010

Assistant Professor of Physics Parker Troischt will present this month's Faculty Lecture Series at 4 p.m. Friday, February 19, in Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall.

Troischt will present How Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Can Shed Light on Recent Developments in Astronomy, a discussion of “some bizarre effects predicted by the theory, such as time dilation, length contraction, and the curvature of space and time.” He will then discuss how Einstein’s theory of gravity can be applied in order to understand some of the extraordinary objects that exhibit these effects.

“Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity is one of the great scientific achievements of the 20th century, and is necessary to understand many of the most interesting objects in astronomy,” Troischt wrote in the lecture’s description. “Recent satellites and ground-based telescopes are providing astronomers with a flood of new information, which is crucial in order to make progress in studying pulsars, quasars, black holes, and the universe itself!”

Troischt, who recently attended a National Science Foundation-funded Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA workshop at the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center in Puerto Rico, focuses his research primarily on MHD wave coupling, general relativity, astronomy, and introductory physics.

His lecture is the fifth of eight discussions throughout the 2009-10 academic year focusing on literature, art, education, physics, business, history, and biology. Faculty members will discuss recent research in their field with members of the Hartwick community. Presenting later this year are Assistant Professor of English Robert Seguin, Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard, and Professor of Biology Linda Swift.

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