Seguin to Present Friday's Faculty Lecture Series

March 4, 2010

Assistant Professor of English Robert Seguin will present this month's Faculty Lecture Series at 4 p.m. Friday, March 5, in Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall. Seguin will present Creatures of History: On Utopia as Promise and Process, a discussion of whether a "persuasive, even popular presentation of the idea of Utopia is possible today."

Seguin describes his lecture: "Certainly the current financial crisis has reopened a space for the consideration of Utopia. With the specter of mass immiseration on the horizon and the revelation of the largely fictive basis of much of the world economy, the notion that alternative social formations might be not merely desirable but indeed necessary is perhaps gaining currency. But the would-be Utopist must proceed cautiously, since popular perceptions of Utopia tend to be shot through with knee-jerk suspicions and confusing stereotypes. In this talk, I try to clear some fresh space around the idea of Utopia, using both some innovative new work on the concept, as well as some fascinating recent speculations from the realms of science and religious studies. In particular, the ongoing fracas surrounding the so-called New Atheism—with figures such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett facing off against assorted outraged theologians—perhaps offers one pathway into a revitalized, process-oriented conception of Utopia."

Seguin's talk is the sixth of eight discussions throughout the 2009-10 academic year focusing on literature, art, education, physics, business administration, history, and biology. Faculty members will discuss recent research in their field with members of the Hartwick community. Presenting later this year are Associate Professor of History Vicki Howard and Professor of Biology Linda Swift.

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