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Seeley to Present Friday’s Faculty Lecture Series

April 27, 2010

Associate Professor of Economics Karl Seeley will present Friday’s Faculty Lecture Series, Small-World Macro (an Ecological Macroeconomics) at 4:30 p.m. in Eaton Lounge.

Seeley will present his toolkit for a rigorous understanding of the constraints the environment places on the economy and ways of responding to a “small-world” future where natural resources are harder to come by than they have been.

“The economy has seized the headlines with job losses, bank bailouts, failing car companies, and shrinking retirement accounts,” Seeley says in describing his discussion. “Meanwhile, the environment plays second fiddle or worse, even as important news about it continues to accrete. Human-caused environmental damage is, almost by definition, a result of humans’ economies at the largest scale. Yet the connection is often ignored in public discussion, and in the classroom, environmental economics is a niche subject generally dealing with individual environmental issues.”

The Faculty Lecture Series highlights recent research by faculty members, focusing on politics, fruit flies, the digital age, positive dispositions, composers, growing hearts and brains, and macroeconomics. For detailed descriptions of all of the 2008-09 lectures, please click here.

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