Fiske Guide To Colleges - 2013

Hartwick Selected Among America's Top Colleges by Fiske Guide

August 22, 2012

Once again, Hartwick College is featured in the annual edition of the Fiske Guide to Colleges as one of the country's best and most interesting colleges. The highly-selective guide includes just over 320 colleges and universities, chosen for their strength in areas such as academics, social life, financial aid, campus setting, extracurricular activities and more.

"Hartwick emphasizes study abroad... crystallizing the school's philosophy that learning isn't about rote memorization, it's about creating experiential knowledge and developing skills," stated the 2013 Fiske Guide of Hartwick College. "The students here take full advantage of what's offered and feel at home on this close-knit campus." Other Hartwick programs, such as January Term, the 3-Year Degree Program and Pine Lake's Awakening Program are also discussed within this year's Guide as key-benefits offered at Hartwick.

"Fiske is considered to be one of the most reliable, trusted and prestigious college guides for college-bound students and their parents," said David Conway, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing. "Just over 300 schools out of thousands nationwide are listed in Fiske based on the quality of life, academics, financial aid offered and much more. At Hartwick, we consider that the quality of learning defines true value. To this extent, being included in Fiske yet again is another testament to the value of a Hartwick education."

The Fiske Guide, designed to give a selective, subjective and systematic look at colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, seeks to give readers the real personality of the institutions based on a wide range of subjects. Research, accompanied by testimonials from students, provides helpful and honest information about academic climates and courses.

For more than 25 years, students, parents and guidance counselors have relied on the Fiske Guide's reviews when researching higher education institutions. The Guide is compiled by former New York Times education editor Edward B. Fiske.

For additional information, contact Conway at or 607-431-4157.

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Hartwick College is a private liberal arts and sciences college of 1,500 students, located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Hartwick's expansive curriculum emphasizes a uniquely experiential approach to the liberal arts. Through personalized teaching, collaborative research, a unique January Term, a wide range of internships, and vast study-abroad opportunities, Hartwick ensures that students are prepared for the world ahead. A Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program and strong financial aid and scholarship offerings keep a Hartwick education affordable.

Contact: Valerie Capullo
Phone: 607-431-4031