Dr. Agustin Fuentes

Fuentes Presents Hardy Chair Lecture Thursday

October 29, 2012

University of Notre Dame Professor of Anthropology Dr. Agustin Fuentes will present the H. Claude Hardy Chair in Anthropology Lecture at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 1 in the Anderson Center for the Arts Theatre. Fuentes, who is also a Fellow at the Center for Theological Inquiry, Princeton University Inquiry on Evolution and Human Nature Project, will offer a lecture titles "Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths About Human Nature."

Fuentes will address the myth that we are divided into biological races, that we are naturally aggressive and warlike, and that men and women are radically different in their neurological wiring, desires and behavior. Presenting scientific evidence from diverse fields including anthropology, biology, and psychology, Fuentes dismantles persistent fallacies about the validity of biological races, the innateness of aggression and violence, the nature of monogamy and differences between the sexes.

Fuentes challenges us to undertake the most fundamental of self-help programs and free ourselves of harmful misconceptions about race, aggression and sex. By approaching the study of human nature through the lens of evolution, he has produced an illuminating, refreshing, and uplifting view of humanity that is both a superb history of our species and a manual for our future. - Nina Jablonski

While interrogating the narrative of where we came from, the domain of both science and mythology, he explains scientific subtleties with grace and ease, and successfully guides us through a confrontation with our bio-cultural nature. - Jonathan Marks

H. Claude Hardy, the first chair of Hartwick College's combined Anthropology and Sociology Department, generously endowed Hartwick College with a fund to establish a lecture series in his memory. He left instructions that the speakers must be able to connect their studies of academic matters with information of interest to the contemporary community. This event is sponsored by the Department of Anthropology's Hardy Chair Fund and a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation. For more information, contact Professor of Anthropology Connie Anderson at 607-431-4861 or

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