Hartwick Launches Interactive

February 16, 2010

Hartwick College has launched an innovative social media Web site that allows prospective students to connect with faculty, staff, and current students before they ever set foot on campus. is one of a kind among regional colleges, setting the standard for Admissions and early points of contact for prospective and future students. And the site’s introduction says it all: Instead of simply describing all the awesome things that happen as part of a Hartwick education, we thought we’d let you see for yourself what our students and faculty have been up to lately.

“By definition, the Hartwick College experience is both powerful and personal,” Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, Hartwick College President, said. “This site facilitates a sharing of this individual experience that will strengthen existing ties, and forge new ones, adding yet another dimension to the richly textured Hartwick encounter.” is made up of submitted stories and photographs of Hartwick experiences both in and out of the classroom. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are able to post entries about anything from research and off-campus study to campus and community events.

“ is the place for members of our campus community to share their own stories about those small moments that, when viewed collectively, demonstrate the unique Hartwick experience,” Web Content Manager Stephanie Brunetta said.

Prospective students are encouraged to leave comments, ask questions, and chat with the site’s writers. All current Hartwick students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to add their own stories about everything from classroom lessons and research to January Term programs, athletics, and off-campus experiences.

The site, which will complement the College’s main Web site, gives prospective students an honest, in-depth look at life at Hartwick. It’s unique in that it is allowed to grow organically through the ideas and experiences of current students and members of the campus community.

“We believe the Hartwick story is best told by those in the thick of it,” Vice President of Admissions David Conway said. “ allows our community to share what they’ve done, seen, and studied here. The range of stories and experiences on this site underscores how broad and deep the Hartwick experience is.”

The site is just one of many ways Hartwick students—current and prospective—interact with faculty. Through collaborative research, discussions in and out of the classroom, on-and off-campus programs, January Term excursions, and study in their fields, Hartwick students and faculty build strong personal and professional relationships that begin before students even arrive on campus—and last for a lifetime. helps foster those relationships by giving students and faculty an outlet to share those experiences early in new students’ academic careers.

The launch of the site is part of Hartwick’s recent rebranding effort, designed to improve the look and feel of the College’s publications and other points of contact with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, friends, and the community.

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Hartwick College is a private liberal arts and sciences college of 1,480 students, located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Hartwick's expansive curriculum emphasizes a uniquely experiential approach to the liberal arts. Through personalized teaching, collaborative research, a unique January Term, a wide range of internships, and vast study-abroad opportunities, Hartwick ensures that students are prepared for the world ahead. A Three Year Bachelor’s Degree Program and strong financial aid and scholarship offerings keep a Hartwick education affordable.

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