Hartwick International Club Sponsors Food Festival

April 30, 2010

The “Arabian Nights” International Food Festival featured dancing, music, and delicious cuisine on April 30 in Stack Lounge, Dewar Union. The event was sponsored by the International Club, which accepted donations for Haiti, Chile, and Turkey as well as other areas affected by recent earthquakes. Admission was $5 for faculty and staff and free for students.

“People come every year and they enjoy it. The food is so good,” said Luckens Damus ’11.

International Club Vice President Sadia Siddiqui ’10 stated that the event took over a month to plan. In addition to the slideshow presentation, the food required the most attention. Dishes served were chicken shawarma, falafel, beef shish kebabs, jalebi, kusherie, and kabak mucver.

“My dad lived in a lot of Arabic countries and knows a lot about different kinds of food, so he helped us put the menu together,” Siddiqui said.

The festival included live performances by belly dancers from Franklin, NY. Dressed in authentic costume, both women performed individual and paired dances to enthusiastic applause from the audience. After dinner, the dancers took time to teach several audience members their fluid movements.

“My wife and I came last time and enjoyed the different types of food. I liked the shawarma. My wife likes Arabic music, so she’s a little more attentive to the music and dancing than I am,” said Assistant Professor of Political Science Frederic Cady.

Yenny Cady added, “A lot of the meaning in the music is mainly with the hands. There are some movements that relate to the lyrics and others that mean ‘come closer.’”

“We were only expecting about 50 people. I think we had many more than that,” said International Club President Brittanie Kemp ’11.

Kemp explained that the club attempted to include a number of cultural elements, including decorations, music, and an informative slideshow in the event. The flags representing the home countries of many Hartwick students were also on display at the festival.

“At International Club we like to educate and promote awareness. Sometimes people have a negative image of Arabic culture. We wanted to demonstrate the more positive aspects of Arabic culture,” Kemp said. “All cultures have some elements in common: food, dance, and music. We showcase the positive aspects of different cultures and the similarities of those cultures. Culture brings people together.”

By Alicia Walstad '10
Photos by Moriah Drucker '10

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