James S. Kemper Foundation

Hartwick College Receives Kemper Grant

March 18, 2014

Hartwick College has received a grant from The James S. Kemper Foundation of Chicago, Illinois in the amount of $25,000.

The funding will be utilized for a program designed by The Center for Professional Service and Global Engagement (PSGE) staff and faculty from the Humanities Division, titled "Experience New York: the Liberal Arts in Practice." This program will consist of a course for academic credit, an externship at a for-profit business in New York City, and individualized career planning.

Rising sophomore and junior students with financial need who are enrolled in liberal arts disciplines will apply to the program and will be selected based on a minimum 3.0 grade point average, faculty recommendation, the quality of their application, and the strength of their interview.

The students who are selected and designated as Kemper Scholars will enroll in the course, be placed at an externship site in New York City, and receive follow-up career advising with the goal of securing a more in-depth internship. Since the program is designed for J Term, these students will not have to forego summer jobs and will be able to participate in a career exploration program that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

"Students who participate in the Experience New York course will benefit from an exciting opportunity that intentionally combines liberal and applied learning," said Hartwick College Assistant Director of Career Services Melissa Marietta. "The scholarship recipients will be involved in active, effortful work through the externship. Via this experience, participants will walk away with hands-on skills that complement classroom theory."

The credit-bearing academic portion of the program has been developed with the input of faculty across the Humanities Division and designed by Dr. Bryan Babcock, lecturer in religious studies. Babcock will teach the course in January 2015, the theme of which will be decision making and ethics in business.

During the first week of J Term on campus, Kemper Scholars will explore different ethical models for decision making, leadership skills in a corporate setting, and the praxis of corporate core values through readings and case studies. Kemper Scholars will then be placed in an externship in New York City for the second two weeks of the term.

"We will explore how social, environmental, cultural, and economic responsibility impact both culture and profitability," said Babcock. "Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as responsibility to all stakeholders, not just shareholders.  Essentially we will debate whether a company needs to be responsible for its actions - socially, ethically, and environmentally."

The externships will include observation, informational interviews, and work experiences at sites where Hartwick has an established relationship. In the evenings, programming will be offered which will include presentations by professionals in fields such as human resources management, banking/finance, city administration, and theatre. These seminars will focus on topics such as leadership, resume and interview skills, and how to convey that a liberal arts background is an advantage in the business environment.

This program builds on Hartwick's award-winning job shadowing program, MetroLink, which for 25 years has been connecting Hartwick undergraduates with successful alumni and parents in career fields that match student interests.

For further information how to apply for this program, please contact Marietta at (607) 431-4047 or, or Babcock at (607) 431-4914 or

For further information on the grant, please contact Margaret Arthurs, Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations, at (607) 431-4061 or

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