Adrian Kuzminski

Kuzminski Presents Philosophical Dialogue at Hartwick

April 12, 2012

Adrian Kuzminski, Research Scholar in Philosophy at Hartwick College, will conduct an informal reading of a work-in-progress, "Ancient Evenings," a philosophical dialogue in the ancient style,  at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1 in the Farrington Room, Dewar Union, on the College campus. The event is free and open to the public.

Kuzminski's dialogue is an adaptation of an ancient Pyrrhonian text, "Against the Ethicists," by Sextus Empiricus. The subject is how we understand or fail to understand the nature of good and evil. Different roles in the dialogue will be read by various individuals.

"I thought it would be interesting to explore the dialogue form," said Kuzminski. "It was made famous by Plato as a vehicle for developing philosophical ideas. The form is unique in offering a multi-perspectival approach to any subject. This is well suited to the views of the ancient Pyrrhonians who questioned dogmatic beliefs, examined contradictory opinions, and advocated an attitude of suspended judgment towards contested questions, which they claimed led to tranquility or peace of mind."

For additional information, contact Kuzminski at 607-547-8586 or

Ancient Evenings:
Three Dialogues on Good and Evil
An Adaptation of Sextus Empiricus Against the Ethicists

Rufus, a Roman Senator
Philia, an Epicurean, daughter of Rufus
Harmonia, a Stoic, daughter of Rufus
Lucian, a Pyrrhonist, son of Rufus
Petronious, a Peripatetic
Saturnius, a Sceptic

Time: the reign of Pius Antonious, mid-second century CE

Place: the villa of Rufus in Campania

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