Luke Moyer ‘00 Awarded for Theatre Lighting Design

April 6, 2010

Luke Moyer ‘00 began as a Hartwick College acting student, but his passion for the theatre quickly sparked an interest in lighting design. This spring, his work has been recognized with a flurry of awards from the Los Angeles, CA-area theatre community. Most notably, the Los Angeles Critics Circle presented Moyer with the Angstrom Award for Career Achievement in Lighting Design on March 22.

Working primarily with the 99-seat NoHo Arts Center, where he serves as the resident lighting director, Moyer has designed a wide variety of southern California shows over the past decade. He has won two Ovation Awards–for his work on the 2009 production of Dracula and the 2008 show Elizabeth Rex–and been nominated for three more.

Moyer recently spoke with Angstrom Lighting, the West Coast’s premier lighting company, for a feature on their blog.

“When I was in college, I actually started out as an actor, but I took a freshman Lighting 101 class,” Moyer told Angstrom. “That following summer, I got cast in a show at a regional theatre. I was pretty cocky in my youth and was running my mouth a bit about the lighting designer who was working there at the time. And it just so happened to be the owner of the theatre. And he told me I was lighting the next show! So from my freshman year on, I would actually go to school and learn acting and lighting design, and then I would work in the theatre in the summers.”

Upon graduation, Moyer moved to Los Angeles, where he suspected he would have an easier time finding work as a lighting designer. Sure enough, he found work right away with what would become the NoHo Arts Center.

“I came out and was pretty much designing the day I got off the plane,” Moyer said.

Regardless of the budgetary constraints of a particular show, Moyer said, lighting design is about finding creative solutions to help a director’s vision come alive. Despite the acclaim his work has received, Moyer said he was “shocked, kind of surprised and very, very excited” to receive the Los Angeles Critics Circle award.

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