Hartwick to Screen 'Malls R Us' Film

March 24, 2011

On Wednesday, April 6, Hartwick College will host a screening of Malls R Us, a feature documentary by Helene Klodawsky that combines nostalgia, dazzling architecture, pop culture, and economics and politics.

The film will be shown at 7 p.m. in Anderson Theatre in the Anderson Center for the Arts on the Hartwick College campus. The screening is free of charge and the public is invited to attend. Audience members are invited to participate in a post-film discussion.

The film examines North America's most popular and profitable suburban destinations-enclosed shopping centers--and how, for consumers, they function as a communal, even ceremonial experience, and for retailers, sites where their idealism, passion, and greed merge.

The film blends archival footage tracing the history of the shopping mall in America, and documents visits to some of the world's largest and most spectacular malls and interviews with architects, mall developers, sales managers, environmentalists, labor activists, and social critics.

Malls R Us discusses the psychological appeal of malls to consumers, how architects design mall environments to combine consumerism with nature and spectacle, how suburban shopping centers impart social values, and how malls are transforming the traditional notions of community, social space, and human interaction.

Visiting the construction sites of several of the world's largest shopping centers of the future, in Dubai and India, the film reveals how their gargantuan growth threatens small-shop owners and the environment.

As entertaining as it is informative, Malls R Us revels in the architectural splendor of shopping malls as consumerist paradises, while also showing how the social dynamism malls represent can be a destructive force.

This event is sponsored by Hartwick College's 2010-11 Consumption campus theme. For more information, contact Dan Morse, Coordinator of Sustainability Programs for the Pine Lake Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies, at or 431-4666.

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