MetroLink Gives Students an Early Look at Careers

March 8, 2010

For 26 Hartwick students, the week between January and Spring terms was an opportunity to take a closer look at their future careers. As part of MetroLink 2010, they traveled to Boston and New York City to shadow professionals in their chosen fields. Run by the Office of Career Development & Education, the program pairs students with employers in a field of their interest and gives them a unique experiential learning opportunity to experience the working world firsthand.

Now in its 21st year, MetroLink was created with the belief that shadowing professionals is one of the best ways for students to learn what their future careers are really like. The purpose is to give them exposure to those fields early in their college careers, before they commit to a profession. It also provides networking opportunities and connections with both Hartwick alumni and potential employers.

“MetroLink is an opportunity for our students to see their future careers, to learn how to prepare themselves, and to connect with professionals who can help them further develop their skills,” Career Advisor and MetroLink Coordinator Lara Sanford said.

Here's where students went this year:

  • Seth Canetto ’11 shadowed Brook Smith ’91 at Citigroup in Boston, Marty Nee ’09 and Maria Beaudoin ’09 at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Boston, and Scott Vanderwall ’94 at Key Bank in Connecticut.
  • Theodore Carbone ’11 shadowed A.J. Gerritson at 451 Marketing in Boston and Kaitlyn Viater at MTV Games in New York.
  • Lauren Casey ’10 shadowed Amy Lambiaso-Goodrich at Liberty Square Group in Boston, and Santiago Felippelli Conway and Kelly Moffett ’11 at Bridger Conway/Integrated Branding in New York.
  • Mackenzie Chapman ’11 shadowed Greg Treadwell at Germaine Lawrence in Boston and Hannah Lindenblatt at Public School 160 in New York.
  • Daniel Dimant ’11 shadowed Dan Martin at Brodeur Worldwide in Boston and Meghan Daniels ’03 at J. Walter Thompson in New York.
  • Moriah Drucker ’10 shadowed Eugena Ossi at the Office of the Governor in Boston and Amy Fraher ’03 at Tricia Joyce in New York.
  • Patrick Duffy ’10 shadowed Natasha Busse at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Jim Badrak at Carnegie Hall Operations in New York.
  • Timothy Findlay ’11 shadowed Althea Lyons ’78 at Northeast Hospitals in Boston and Rory Post ’02 at Hilliard Farber Securities in New York.
  • Simone Gaines ’10 shadowed Matt Ferraguto at Reach Out and Read in Boston and Andrew Greene ’94 at Housing Works in New York.
  • Samantha Galm ’10 shadowed Elizabeth Dimock at The Kelly School in Boston and Nael Asad at Public School 194 in New York.
  • Emily Hames ’11 shadowed Greg Treadwell at Germaine Lawrence in Boston and Rachel Beauchamp at Support By Design in New York.
  • Melissa Harrington ’11 shadowed Stephen Meunier ’99 at the Office of Senator John Kerry in Boston, and Krista Gambacorta at Fox News and Joel Patterson ’96 at Leftfield Pictures in New York.
  • Christina Herbst ’10 shadowed Kristen Peszka at Paul Revere House and Elizabeth Mock at Healy Library in Boston, and Sarah Pharaon at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York.
  • Rebecca Hodder ’11 shadowed Ellen Thibault at Bedford/St. Martins in Boston and Dan Shapley ’99 at The Daily Green in New York.
  • Beth Lillie ’11 shadowed Michael Cocchiarella at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Boston and Ryan Sturdevant ’04 at KPMG in New York.
  • Erika McIntyre ’11 shadowed Kansas Wight ’79 at Thoreau Elementary School Concord in Boston, and Chris Doughtery and Ted McGuinness at Archbishop Molloy High School in New York.
  • Amanda Medina ’11 shadowed Ariel Sasso at SHIFT Communications in Boston and Alison Dodge ’03 at Clear Channel in New York.
  • Keisha Moore ’12 shadowed Joe St. Martin at MS&L Boston in Boston, and Jaimee Kniffen Kreps ’02 at Seevast and Ann Silverman at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.
  • Jennifer Murphy ’10 shadowed Molly Myers ’99 at Northeast-10 Conference in Boston and Diane Caporizzo at Octagon Inc. in New York.
  • Camille Oosterman ’11 shadowed Ellen Thibault at Bedford/St. Martins in Boston and Dan Shapley ’99 at The Daily Green in New York.
  • Heather Pruchansky ’10 shadowed Katherine Boles at Best of Boston in Boston.
  • Rebecca Redman ’11 shadowed Nicole Freeman ’00, Karen Quinn, and Kristin and Roger Servison at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and Liz Wickersham ’98 at Otto Naumann Ltd. and Mary Mohaney at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • Jaime Rodriquez ’10 shadowed Martin Knolle at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston and Eric Carlson at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.
  • Sangye Sherpa ’11 shadowed Brook Smith ’91 at Citigroup and Nicole Thorne at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Boston, and Chris Laidlaw ’02 at Price Waterhouse Coopers in New York.
  • Holly Smith ’10 shadowed Katie McIntosh Root ’07 at Barbieri Elementary School in Boston and Heather Brier at Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute in New York.
  • Dominique Thomas ’10 shadowed Greg Hein at the Museum of Fine Arts and Ellen Thibault at Bedford/St. Martins in Boston, and Joe Cristian and Maria Mitit at Clear Channel Radio and Joel Patterson ’96 at Leftfield Pictures in New York.

Special thanks go out to New York City committee members Emily Weisenbach ’05, Rayna Bourke ’96, Jaimee Kniffen-Kreps ’04, Mo Hamden ’05, Ryan Sturdevant ’04, Carl Erwich ’05, Shaun Chapman ’00, Katie MGlynn-Chapman ’99, and Nick Knapp ’05, and Boston committee members Sarah MacDonald ’01, Charlie Hulbert ’93, Nicolle Allen ’99, Alexandra Bassell ’06, Lisa Burke ’76, Eoin O’Riordan ’97, Taryn Chase ’00, Frank Huckabone ’94, Doug Wight ’80, Stephanie Sundberg ’01, Holbrook Smith ’91, Darren Poirier ’07, Maria Beaudoin ’09, Martin Nee ’09, Dan Riviello ’08, Jen Vandenberg '07, and Chris Hartman '85.

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