Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova

Hartwick Students to Collaborate with Gohde and Todorova

September 7, 2012

 Artist Kurt Gohde and  colleague Kremena Todorova will visit Hartwick College from September 18-22, 2012. During their time on campus, Gohde and Todorova will work with students on the creation and installation of a temporary wheat paste mural to be applied to the Anderson Center for the Arts, which will be on display until the mural dissolves via natural causes, such as rain, 6-8 months after completion.

Gohde, professor of art, and Todorova, assistant professor of English, created the Community Engagement Through the Arts (CETA) program at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY where they teach. The program was developed to focus on social spaces and social relations, not artistic media and processes. CETA is a way in which to enable students to connect with the community in ways that are visible and enjoyable.

"This mural provides a great benefit to our students, who will have the opportunity to take part in this community arts project," said Nancy Golden, exhibit coordinator of the Foreman Gallery at Hartwick College. "Artist Gohde and his colleague Todorova have developed various interdisciplinary arts programs that generate an appreciation of the communities in which students learn and live. It is exciting to see this same awareness develop in our community through the mural art project which will be made on the Hartwick campus."

To complete this project, Hartwick College student groups including Praxis, Psychology, Aristocracy, Grassroots Environmental Club, Photo and other art classes have been invited to record and document the progress of the project via photos, interviews and surveys gathering their perspectives on what makes the Oneonta community unique. The assemblage of these photos and text will allow for a visual interpretation that will then be transformed into a mural.

The project, sponsored by the Foreman Institute for the Creative and Performing Arts, will allow for students to contribute their own records and documents in order to complete the overall mural. Once developed, the mural will be applied to an exterior wall of the Anderson Center for the Arts on the Hartwick College campus.

The temporary wheat paste mural project is a way in which to create public art that highlights the importance of community and collaboration.

The artists will also present a free community talk at CANO's, Ford Avenue Arts Mansion on September 20 from 5-6 p.m.  All students and Oneonta community members are welcome to attend.

For additional information, contact Golden at 607-431-4575 or at

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