'Newsweek' Lauds Hartwick's Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program

November 2, 2009

Hartwick's Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program has garnered the College national attention since its unveiling earlier this year. Now, with 20 students taking advantage of the program this semester, the program has caught the attention of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who featured Hartwick's three-year degree in a Newsweek article last month. In the article, he lauded the program as a "forward-looking" example of innovative measures being taken by colleges to help families and students cut costs.

"Hartwick college, a small liberal-arts school in upstate New York, makes this offer to well-prepared students: earn your undergraduate degree in three years (six semesters) instead of four, and save about $43,000—the amount of one year's tuition and fees," he wrote. "A number of innovative colleges are making the same offer to students anxious about saving time and money. The three-year degree could become the higher-education equivalent of the fuel-efficient car. And that's both an opportunity and a warning for the best higher-education system in the world."

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The Newsweek article, titled "The Three-Year Solution: How the reinvention of higher education benefits parents, students, and schools," outlines the difficulties facing students and their families in today's economy. While many colleges have turned to significant cuts and struggled with financial aid, Hartwick, Alexander wrote, is "rethinking the old way of doing things and questioning decades-old assumptions about what a college degree means."

He calls attention to Hartwick's January Term and study-abroad opportunities, as well as several of the three-year program's key benefits—a 25 percent reduction in tuition costs, first dibs at course registration, and no changes to faculty structure.

Announced in spring 2009, the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program is designed to help qualified students save on the cost of a traditional four-year degree without sacrificing the quality liberal arts education melded with experiential learning for which Hartwick has long been known.

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