Hartwick College - 2013 Opening Convocation, Hartwick College President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich

Opening Convocation at Hartwick Officially Welcomes Class of 2017

August 30, 2013

The Hartwick Community gathered today to welcome new students during this year's Opening Convocation. The time-honored ceremony, held in Lambros Arena of The Binder Physical Education Center, marks the official start of the 2013-14 academic year and the first full day for incoming first-year and transfer students at Hartwick College.

After the ceremony was officially opened by Hartwick College President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing David Conway along with Rawal Rafiq Malik '17 and Chelsea Dimond '17 then presented all 580 members of the incoming class to the Hartwick Community.

As parents and families looked on in support of their children as they began their Hartwick careers, President Drugovich shared thoughts with attendees during her opening remarks.

"Hard work is something that everyone can be proud of and we are here to support [our students'] needs," said Drugovich to the crowd. "We are here to learn and are committed to learning as a community."Hartwick College 2013 Opening Convocation - Hartwick College President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich

In addressing parents directly, Drugovich congratulated them for taking the leap of faith required to invest in the education of their daughter(s) and/or son(s), and spoke of affordability and of linking college to securing a better job post-graduation.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael G. Tannenbaum and Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Meg Nowak also addressed students and their families, welcoming them to Oyaron Hill.

"In my time with you today, I want to talk about authority... the increased authority that you now have as a college student," Tannenbaum said. "You will have many opportunities to grow your expertise - your authority - here at Hartwick College."

"Take full advantage of all that Oyaron Hill has to offer," Nowak added in her address to the assembled students. "My hope is that together, all of us will experience success."

In addition to Tannenbaum and Nowak, new students were welcomed by Student Senate President Colin Blydenburgh '14.Hartwick College 2013 Opening Convocation - Colin Blydenburgh '14

"Yesterday, you were just you," said Blydenburgh. "Today, you've become a part of Hartwick."

The College's music programs were showcased throughout the ceremony, including during a musical interlude as led by Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Jason Leo Curley and performed by Benjamin Aldridge, Paul Blake '01, Mike DePauw and Andrew Odell.

The ceremony also gave students a glimpse into student/faculty research. Elizabeth Greco '14, and Assistant Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene discussed these research opportunities that await them in their time spent at the College over the upcoming years.

Hartwick College 2013 Opening Convocation - Assistant Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene"You chose Hartwick College and in choosing Hartwick, that choice doesn't end today," shared Rozene. "The most exciting time for us as teachers is when we're challenged by our students [via the] collaborative process. Get involved, ask questions, and find answers."

Greco supported Rozene's address by sharing her personal experiences to date at Hartwick involving collaborative research and opportunities with faculty.

"We Hartwick students have access to dedicated scholars," said Greco.

Both Rozene and Greco's advice served to demonstrate to new students the types of collaborative research they can expect to participate in during their academic careers at Hartwick.

Dean of Student Success and Retention Robin Diana then spoke to students about finding success during their time at Hartwick College.

"Your success is a function of your hardwork," said Diana. "We're successful when we sincerely give our best."

Hartwick College 2013 Opening Convocation - The Class of 2017

Opening Convocation closed in Hartwick tradition as Resident Artist in Voice Dr. Stephen Markuson along with Katie Pennings '14, Kaitlin Esford '09, and Diman Sengupta '17, led those gathered in the College's alma mater, Oyaron, Hill of Dreams.

As the newest Hartwick students concluded their first college ceremony to the sounds of the Broome County Celtic Pipes and Drums and gathered for their official class photo, others in attendance applauded the accomplishments that brought them to Hartwick, and the journey upon on which they are about to embark.

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