Hartwick Students to Participate in Otsego County Chamber Logo Project

April 30, 2013

Otsego County Chamber of Commerce Students at Hartwick College, including those in Associate Professor of Art & Art History Joseph Von Stengel's Art 216 Digital Art & Design II: Digital Print Media class, will soon be participating in a logo design project for the Otsego County Chamber (OCC).

Von Stengel's class is an intermediate course in digital media with an emphasis on the printed image as a vehicle for creative expression. The studio-based course concentrates on designing on a two-dimensional plane, and addresses visual issues such as composition, subject matter, design, and context. The class' work includes projects based on type, pattern creation, alternative scanner use, and design for site-specific spaces. Some projects are poster and package design, stencil tagging, and image manipulation.

In the coming weeks, the OCC will be holding a competition for the design of a new logo, which will represent the Chamber moving forward.

According to Von Stengel, "creating a logo for the OCC will be a great experience for my students, as the project will be a cumulative demonstration of the information gathered throughout the semester."

Barbara Ann Heegan, executive director of the OCC, shared that the Chamber hopes to select a logo from the student submissions prior to end of semester and to start using the new design this summer.

"We are looking to rebrand ourselves as we are celebrating 27 years of strength, resilience, and results this year," said Heegan. "... It is time to brand ourselves with a new look for the next 27 years in being a partner with business. We are honored to have Hartwick students, who have a vested interest in our county, and are very excited that this project will assist in connecting Hartwick College to the community."

Von Stengel said the project will highlight the connections between various aspects of digital design, and will serve as an example of a post-college work experience, as the students will be working for a client, and the winner will be paid for his or her work.

By redesigning of the logo, students will also receive the opportunity to interact with local business members and others throughout the community. Members of the OCC board are scheduled to meet with the class to further discuss the project specifics - including their needs and design restrictions - in the coming weeks.

"I believe this project is a prime example of experiential leaning," said Von Stengel. "Regardless of who wins the contest, all students who participate will be able to use their logos in their professional portfolio and the experience as a starting point for understanding business. As a class, we will review our involvement and critique each other's work throughout the process."

The Otsego County Chamber serves to continually improve the overall business climate in the region; to strive for an atmosphere which attracts investment; to build a positive, forward-thinking business community; and to partner with government, groups, individuals and institutions.

For more information on the project, contact Von Stengel at 607-431-4912 or

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