Peep Show Yields Prizes for Creative Entries

April 26, 2011

Peep fans from throughout the Hartwick and Oneonta communities gathered on Friday, April 8 in Anderson Center for the Arts to celebrate the uniquely springtime confection. Judge (and Hartwick College Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts) Marc Shaw determined the following winners:

Award, Title of entry, Artist(s)

Best in Show, Peeps Facebook,  Mark Kuhlmann
Peeples Choice, Godzilla Peep, Jesse Martino/Gary Deal-Laredo
Judge's Choice (for Zombie Sound FX), Zombie A Peepalypse, Jan Godreau
Most Peeptacular, Giganco-peep-icus, Lisle Dalton, Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton
Most Likely to Cause World Peace, Give Peeps A Chance, Hunter Morrissey
Most Likely to Spy on a Scientology Meeting, Peepin' Tom,  Betsey Ayer
Most Peeply Theatrical Award, Peeps Singin' in the Rain, Marilyn Nienart
Most Sur-peep-real Award, This Is Not A Peep, Anna Marfleet
Most Diverse Festival Crowd Award, Peep-a-Palooza, Isabel Horan
Best Cinematic Reference, Inception Peeps, Gilbert "Lucky" Pearto
Best Contribution to Science, Sedimental Subpeeption Zone, Geology Club
Charles Schulz Award for Creativity, "You're a Good Peep, Charlie Peep," Salina Polanco
Most Abstract, Peeps ala Picasso, Brenda Brooks
Tastiest Peep Breakfast Award, Fruity Peeples, Brittni Stasicek
Straight from Atari Era Award, Miss Peepman, Miller/Trow/La Forest
Chillest Crib Award, Hanging with My Peeps, Troy Morrissey
12-Step Award, Asthmatic Avians (AA), Jo Mish
Most Colorful, Peep Art, Amanda Medina
Lucasfilm Award for Peep Technology, C-Peep-E-O, Rebecca Hodder
Most Literary, Ode on a Peepan Urn , Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton
Grosest Award, Stale Peep, Michelle Grose
South Park Award for Cussing 2nd Graders, "F*** You," Steve Markuson, Sister Kristin
Best Survival Guide to Hiking in Southern Utah, 127 Hours, Jane Bachman/Nate Brzozowski
Best Art Reference, Target with Four Peep Faces, Megan Petruney
Best Pop Peep Culture Award, Justin Peeper, Emily Kuhlman/Nica Ficano
Most Disturbing, 04:24, Jocelyn LaPlante/Delaney Nicoll                        
Peeps You'd Most Wanna Party With!, Village Peeple, Meagan Marsh
Best Human Entry, Free Peep Show, Kim Schultz
Most Abstract, The Peep Stripped Bare by their Bachelors, Even, Marcel Haverstein/Nancy Golden
Your Mom Made That Award, Brother Sister Peep Heirloom Portrait, Kevin Gray
Most Institutional, OAR office
Peep Show








Peep Show









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