Tenth Annual Peep Show Provides Creative Outlet for Community

April 28, 2010

From “Les Peeperables” to “ Peep Lake Cake,” the 10th Annual Peep Show Extravaganza! was a sweet success. The event, which is co-sponsored by the Department of Art and Art History and "UNTITLED," Hartwick's student art organization, took place on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 2 p.m. in the foyer of the Anderson Center for the Arts on the Hartwick campus. Entries were dropped off between 9 a.m. and noon. Judging began at 2 p.m. and the awards presentation followed at 4 p.m.

Professor of Art Elizabeth Ayer sported a pair of Peep glasses, a Peep hat, and a Peep purse. She volunteered for the demonstration of Anthony Mule’s “Robo Tech” entry, a remotely activated Peep robot that shot foam darts on command. "Robo Tech" was one of more than 40 entries presented at this year’s show.

“I’d never been to the show before. The Tiger Woods one looked very meticulously done,” said Kaitlin Woskoff ’10, speaking of Peeple’s Choice Winner “Tiger in the Woods” by Marilyn Nienart.

Many entries in this year’s show were presented in a variety of mediums. Food was a popular motif in several of the creations, from “Peeparoni Pizza” by Tarrah Snider and Kim Chase to “Mastering the Art of Peep Cooking” by Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton and Lisle Dalton. The most delectable project was “Peep Lake Cake” by Gina Colone. Through the diligent efforts of event attendees, only a quarter of Colone's creation lasted until the end of the awards presentation.

Professor of Theatre Arts Ken Golden carried out his duties as judge with characteristic flair. “The difference between bad art and good art is really significant,” Golden said. “The distinction is in how many layers there are. Of course, with Peeps there are already many layers.”

“I never thought my little idea could win Best in Show,” said Kaitlin Sweatman ’10, who shared the coveted award with Mirra Boehmke ’11, Stephanie Cadwell ’12, and Anna Carbone ’12 for their entry “Les Peeperables.” "It took about a month of planning and a week and a half to build. We have a huge appreciation for the musical.”

“I’m just excited to get the Founder’s Award,” said Katherine Miller '11, who won the first annual award with Ruth Trow ’11 for “Votive Peep.” “Worshipping the Peep Goddess works!”

The following is a list of this year’s Peep Show Extravaganza! winners:

Best in Show: Les Peeperables, Mirra Boehmke ’11, Stephanie Cadwell ’12, Anna Carbone ’12, Kate Sweatman ’10
Peeples' Choice: Tiger in the Woods, Marilyn Nienart
Founders Award in Honor of Becky Fullerton and Kevin Gray: Votive Peep, Katherine Miller ’11 and Ruth Trow ’11
Most Disturbing: A Peep Show for the Viewers, Martina Camarda ’11, Lauren Morris ’12, and Heather Young ’11 and Fist Pimp Lake Peeps, Helena Khazdozian ’10 and Stephanie Miller ’10
Best Pop Culture Reference: Tiger in the Woods, Marilyn Nienart
Best Art History Reference: Piss Peep, Josh Helmer ’10
Most Edible: Mastering the Art of Peep Cooking, Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton and Lisle Dalton
Most Adorable:
Easter Egg Hunt, Hannah Harman and Sue Hughson
Most Outrageous: Sylverster Stalpeep, Coleman Jennes ’13 and Jesse Martino ’13
Most Conceptual: Little Bow Peep, Mark Kuhlman, and Displaced Celtic Peeps, Phil Young
Most Humorous:
Making of the Peepgina Monologues, Ashley Rombaugh ’10 and Kim Shults
Most Peeps Exploited: Peeps Merry Go Round, Jamie Love ’10 and Kayla Truppi ’10
Best Technical Ability:
Tragedy of the Marshmallow Lover, Devan Meck ’10
Sports Themed Peep:
Peepalicious Soccer, Kim DeMartino ’12
Best Theatre History Reference: 7 Years of Peepness, Michael Travisano
Best Use of Aluminum Foil: '
Twas the Night Before Peepmas, Stephanie Rozene
Most Politically Angry:
We the Peeple, OAR
Most Agricultural:
Peep Sheep, Moriah Drucker ’10
Most Stomach Acid Inducing: Peeparoni Pizza, Tarrah Snider and Kim Chase
Most Pharmaceutical: Peepcid A/C, Jo Mish
Most Color Coordinated in a way Oprah Would Love: Peepsylvania, Marilyn Nienart
Most Vertigo Inducing: Peep County Fair, Emily Kuhlman and Nika Ficano
Most Communicative: Phone Tag, Rebecca Hodder ’11
Most Hi Tech Use of Too Many Double A Batteries: Robo Tech, Anthony Mule
Most Sugary: Peep Lake Cake, Gina Colone
Most Macabre:
Accupeepture, Katharine Kreisher

By Alicia Walstad '10

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