Peep Show 2012 award winners

Peep Show Entries Garner Awards

May 1, 2012

Peep fans from throughout the Hartwick and Oneonta communities gathered on Friday, April 27 in Anderson Center for the Arts to celebrate the uniquely springtime confection. Judge (and Hartwick College Associate Professor of Religious Studies) Lisle Dalton determined the following winners:

Best in Show award and Peeples Choice award both went to Kevin Gray and Sarah Loveland for "Peepett's Charge"

It's Got Game award to Nate Kuhlman for "Peepopoly"

Remember the First Amendment award to Jo Mish for "Great but forgotten historical peeps: Madame Blavatsky"

Renaissance award to Sarah Harris for "The Last Supper by Leonardo Peepvinci"

Damn the Marshmallows award to Michael Travisano for "Evening at the Peeps"

Pop Culture award to Caitlin Brislin for "The Biggest Peep" 

Curious Use of Chocolate award to Alex Marx for "Peepdashian Family" 

Science is Just a Party award to Megan Lawrence, Hannah Estes, Brielle Matthews, Kiara Goldwag, and Bobby Mele for "Peeptrie Dish" 

Most Colorful award to Aly Davis and Suzie Atkins for "Transmission of Infections" 

Most Cinematic award to Jane Bachman for "Ze Peeptiste"

Peep Show 2012Homesteaders award to Nancy Golden for "Pickled Peeps"

Public Health (with chocolate) award to Lindsey Bowker and Michael Henry for "Herd Immunity"

Cute Mutation award to Kaitlyn Coriale, Sarah Alexander and Ruby Roth for "Peep Flu"

Most Disturbing Mutant award to Kim Shults for "Peep family from Chernobyl"

Two-dimensional award to Eric Petersen (and Honda) for "Roadkill: Peep and Run"

On a roll award to Yesenia Martino-Cortez for "Leaning Tower of Peepsa"

Pop Potted Plants award to Marilyn Nienart for "Kardashian Peeps"

Jekyl and Hyde award to Marilyn Nienart for "Domesticated Peeps/Wild Peeps"

Knickerbocker award to Marilyn Nienart for "Jeremy Lin Peepsanity"

Best Art Reference award to Jami Zahemski and Lisa Isabella for "Peep Mondrian"

Peep Show 2012Hint of Slime award to Kait Veit and Meg Sweeney for "Biofilm Peep"

Peep'n Hot award to Jami Zahemski and Lisa Isabella for "I wanna see your peepcock"

Noodelly Appendage award to Jillian Price and Megan Lefeber for "Fimbriae and Pili Microbiology"

What would Betsey do (if she were a pimp) award to Betsey Ayer for "Peep my Ride"

Orificially Yours award to Jenna Herman and Vanessa Markham for "Portal of Entry for Infection"

Don't Shred me Now award to OAR (Office of Advising and Registration ) for "Poor Peeples Safety Net"

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