2013 Hartwick College Quinquennial Awards

Service to Hartwick College Honored During Quinquennial Awards

December 5, 2013

On Wednesday, December 4, Hartwick College staff and employees gathered to honor their own for milestones in service to the College. The 2013 Quinquennial Awards Celebration was held at 4 p.m. in the Foreman Gallery of the Anderson Center for the Arts on the College campus.

During the presentation, dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time dedicated to the College in five-year increments.

"This gathering is one of my favorites," said Hartwick College President Margaret L. Drugovich. "This is the time that we get together with people who care as deeply as I do about Hartwick, which can be seen through their years and years of service."

2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick CollegeDrugovich also presented each of those with 15 or more years of service with a "Streak of Blue" award, commissioned this year from Assistant Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene.

Rozene, who introduced her ceramic artwork before it was presented to award recipients, explained how each cup, plate, bowl and vase was made and includes the appropriate year of service marked on the piece.

Those faculty and staff marking the fifth, 10th, or 15th anniversary of the outset of their Hartwick employment were:  

Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Mr. David Crandall,  Utility Worker - Food Services 
Mrs. Christine D. Cumming, Instructor - Private Lessons
Dr. Jason L. Curley, Assistant Professor of Music
Mrs. Cathleen Deleski, Administrative Assistant in Nursing
Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich D.M., President 
Ms. Brianna Dumond
, Custodian - Facilities
Ms. Amanda Finch, Production Cook - Food Services
Mr. Chris Gondek, Assistant Director - Athletics Communication
Mr. Sean Halsey, Production Café Worker - Food Services
2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick CollegeMs. Denise Kane, Custodian - Facilities 
Ms. Malissa A. Kano-White, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Ms. Kimberley L. Lindsley,  Human Resources Coordinator
Mr. Andrew McCall, Production Cook - Food Services 
Ms. Deanna L. Meadowcroft,  Library Circulation Manager
Dr. Johanna E. Mitchell, Associate Professor of Education 
Dr. Meg C. Nowak, Vice President for Student Affairs 
Mr. Emanuel Pelligra, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Dr. Theodore D. Peters,  Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Ms. Carrie A. Rosengren, Coordinator of Alumni Support Services
Ms. Stephanie Rozene, Assistant Professor of Art
Dr. Robert H. Seguin, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Matthew Voorhees, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Mr. Daniel Vroman, Utility Worker - Food Services 
Ms. Minghui Wang, Director of Institutional Research
Ms. Melissa A. West,  Head Women's Basketball Coach

Ms. Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton
, Archivist, Records Manager and Information Literacy Librarian
Mr. Richie Borggreen, Custodian - Facilities
Ms. Lori Button, Front of the House Worker - Food Services 
Ms. Charlene Eklund, Catering Support Supervisor - Food Services
2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick CollegeMrs. Leah M. Elwood
, Assistant to the Registrar & Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Mr. Dale Harp, Supervisor - Food Services
Mr. Eric Hendrickson, Custodian - Facilities 
Mr. Alan Huckins, Head Women's Water Polo Coach 
Mrs. Carla J. Kinser, Executive Assistant to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Anne M. Kramer, Cashier/Bookkeeper
Mr. Duncan M. Macdonald, Director of Alumni Engagement & Wick Athletic Association Events 
Mr. Chris Rowe, Receiver/Utility Worker - Food Services 
Mr. John H. Sienkiewicz, Systems Manager 
Mrs. Tammy M. Sweeney, Senior Dispatcher

2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick College

Mrs. Jane E. Bachman
, Associate Director of Student Success
Dr. Mark S. Erickson, Associate Professor of Chemistry 
Mr. Dan Kendall, Baker - Food Services 
Dr. Cherilyn M. Lacy, Professor of History 
Mr. Rene M. Mule, Technical Assistant in Physics
Dr. Mieko Nishida, Professor of History
Ms. Ruth Snow, Custodian - Facilities
Mrs. Tammy P. Sousa, Head Equestrian Coach 
Ms. Patricia Tuller, Tradeswoman - Facilities

As recipients of longer-tenure Quinquennial Awards were announced, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz presented biographical information and reflections of the work of each.

Mr. Mark M. Carr, Head Coach of Football, Mrs. Nancy C. Boulin-Golden, Visual Resources Curator/Exhibit Coordinator for the Foreman Gallery, Mr. Douglas D. Konu, Athletic Trainer, Mr. Harry B. Matthews, Associate Dean and Director US Pluralism Programs, Mrs. Andrea J. Pontius, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach, and Ms. Kristin M. Reuter, Cataloging Specialist, were all honored for 20 years of service to the College.

Carr has led over 1,000 men through the Hartwick College football program. During the 12 years he has served as head coach, he has amassed 51 wins - the second most in program history. In 2008, the team led the country in passing offense. Mark is an honest and hardworking employee who puts Hartwick College first. He works tirelessly to make the experience of his scholar athletes paramount and his enthusiasm for molding the lives of these young men is worthy of notice.

2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick College

Golden is unique as she has served Hartwick College in the roles of student, staff, coach, and faculty. But she is not just a list of impressive jobs, she is a caring mentor to students, a generous colleague to the faculty in the Department of Art and Art History as well as a woman who is willing to take on whatever task is at hand.

Konu has been very involved with all of our sports taking care of our student athletes' injuries and getting them back and ready to play. He spent many years traveling with men's soccer and continues his travels with the women's water polo team today. Konu covers all the other 15 sports as well. In his time here, he has helped students overcome injuries and helped them stay healthy.

Matthews has founded or guided such organizations and projects as Pluralism Associates League for Students (PALS), Society of Sisters & Brothers United (SOSU/BU), the Harriet Tubman Mentorship Project, and the U.S. Colored Troops Institute for Local History and Family Research over the years at Hartwick. He has also fostered African American, Latino/a American, Asian American & Native American (ALANA) student programming, publications, and leadership training. In recent years, he has led the Hartwick College Honor Society with great grace and good food. The mentorship of "Mr. Matthews," as the students respectfully call him, can be seen in the historical research that students do in the U.S. Pluralism Center and less visibly in his role of confidant to students.

Pontius has coached both the men's and women's teams for 15 consecutive seasons. She was named 2004 Empire 8 Conference Coach of the Year after leading the men's tennis team to a third-place finish in the Empire 8 Conference Championship. Pontius is a formidable tennis player in her own right, and was a member of the United States Tennis Association for 12 years. She has served on several department committees include the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, and the Student Wellness Committee. Additionally, she has served as an advisor to the Student Athletic Activities Board (SAAB). As the head coach of two sports teams, she is always in season so there is never an off-time for her. With a high energy level and a smile on her face, Pontius gives of herself to the department and works positively to make Hartwick a wonderful place.

Reuter has served long and well in cataloging and taken on increasingly more responsibility over time. She trains the student workers, supervises them diligently and works well with them. She is now doing more cataloging and has adapted well to all of the technological changes that have occurred in the library field of technical services. Although she works mainly behind the scenes, her service is of great value. Reuter sees the big picture regarding how her contributions benefit the College. An accurate, dependable library catalog is a significant part of laying the groundwork for student success. Reuter understands this and conducts herself in a way that displays that understanding.

Mrs. Regina G. Baker, Director of Student Accounts, Mr. Robby Robbins, Carpenter - Facilities, and Mr. Thomas Worden, Electrician - Facilities were unable to attend the ceremony.

Being honored for 25 years of service were Mrs. Dawn E. Baker, Interlibrary Loan Specialist, Mr. Davis B. Conley, Executive Director of Information, Technology, Mrs. Colmin J. Gajadar, System Manager, Dr. Stephen H. Markuson, Lecturer in Music, Ms. Anna M. Meyer, Field Hockey Coach, and Dr. Lawrence Nienart, Professor of Physics.

Baker's current title is Interlibrary Loan Specialist, but she has been a jack of all trades in the library. She started as a periodicals and technical services library assistant, working mainly in cataloging and acquisitions. She has moved on from cataloging and now handles all of the periodicals and continues with her interlibrary loan responsibilities. Baker has taken on more and more responsibilities over time and takes each very seriously by going above and beyond to help students and faculty. Her colleagues say she is great to work with and a very valuable asset to Hartwick College.

Conley knows Hartwick's IT systems literally from the ground up, as he had a hands-on role in designing, building, and maintaining the network(s) for many years. He is particularly well-skilled at providing explanations of these complex systems in ways that anybody can understand, often drawing analogies to everyday objects and operations. While we all admire these abilities and qualities, his most outstanding attributes are his capacity for patience and humility, and his commitment to treating every individual with the utmost respect. Conley's colleagues report that it is a pleasure and a privilege to have him as a mentor.

2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick CollegeGajadar is the systems manager for the Datatel and other associated systems. Although in slightly different positions over the years, in general, she has continued to create new accounts, enable and disable accounts, print reports, apply software updates, provide user support, and ensure that servers are properly backed-up for the past twenty-five years. We appreciate her for her "Stay Calm and Carry On" attitude, and her integrity and kindness to all those she serves.

Markuson's extensive career has encompassed performances throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. His energetic, personalized characterizations remain unique in opera, theatre, and American musical. In his 30+ years on the stage, Steve has performed major roles with companies such as Florentine Opera, Canadian Opera Co., Aspen Music Festival, Tulsa Opera, Toledo Grand Opera, Opera Orchestra of New York, San Francisco Opera, and was a member of the inaugural cast of the Glimmerglass Opera. He brings the singing voice back to comic characterizations and is especially sought for Mozart, Rōssini, and Dōnizetti. He teaches courses on popular and American music at Hartwick, such as Country Music, History of Radio, and Progressive Rock.

Meyer has impacted the lives of more than 1,000 students at Hartwick through her field hockey and lacrosse coaching as well as through the numerous students she taught as a lecturer in physical education courses. She has been a mentor who has helped to influence future leaders of business, industry, education, and the military. Her coaching stats are incredible. She has amassed an impressive 295-186-3 record at Hartwick, and ranks 11th in NCAA Division III history in field hockey coaching wins.  Meyer was named NCAA Division III National Field Hockey Coach of the Year by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) in 1996. In 2006, the New York State Women's Collegiate Athletic Association presented her their highest service award. In 2009, Meyer received the "Outstanding Employee Award" and the "Team Player Award" presented by the Hartwick College Staff Council. With the help of her team, she has demonstrated her commitment outside of the College as well by raising $33,733 over 10 years for Breast Cancer Research.

Nienart has taught nearly every course offered in the physics department at one time or another, and served as the department chair in physics for many years. He has worked with students on projects such as a carbon dioxide laser and an electromagnetic can crusher that is demonstrated for admissions groups. Some current projects that he is involved in include turning a surplus laser rangefinder from a US Military M60 Battle Tank into a ruby crystal laser capable of burning holes in metal. Nienart is also about to install an antenna outside of the Johnstone Science Center that will be used to monitor radio signals from Jupiter as part of NASA's Project Jove. He is also using a salvaged magnet for a NMR machine to observe the CottonMouton effect, a weak magnetooptic phenomena present in certain liquids. His interests include restoring and enhancing analog electronic computers, and also owns a fairly extensive N-scale model railroad.

Mr. Brett Bentley, Custodian - Facilities and Dr. Lynn A. Strano, Professor of Psychology, were unable to attend the ceremony.

Being honored for 30 years of service were Mr. Kenneth H. Golden, Professor of Theatre Arts, Mr. Stephen A. Kolenda, Professor of Business Administration and Accounting, Ms. Mary-Anne Ross, Instructor - Private Lessons, and Mr. Terry L. H. Slade, Sculptor in Residence and Professor of Art.

2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick CollegeGolden teaches Introduction to Theatre, New York City Theatre, and Art of the Cinema. He contributes a great deal to the life of the college and to our students' development, sometimes in highly visible ways and other times literally behind the scenes. He can be found one moment engaged in an intense discussion of aesthetic theory and the next covered in sawdust and paint in the shop. He constantly practices one-on-one mentoring with student designers and builders. He has designed some highly successful experiential projects for his classes, and has promoted this kind of teaching for both the theatre program's and the College's curriculum. His consistently well-conceived and expertly constructed sets have provided strong visual support for many, many plays. His teaching and his design work, coupled with his focus on student learning have been a prime reason for the growth of the theatre program. He is a creative partner to his colleagues and an inspiring teacher to his students.

Kolenda has been a leader on the Hartwick campus for 30 years. He served as Chair of the Department of Business Administration & Accounting for more than 10 years, and has served as a member of numerous faculty committees including: Faculty Council, ATP, and Scholarship Awards. He initiated program innovation through the creation of our accounting majors and virtual management program, has taught classes across our curriculum, and introduced student groups to China and Thailand, with an India trip planned for January 2014. Kolenda has spent his sabbaticals teaching and learning at Asian Universities as the first Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) academic fellow. His enthusiasm and patience for sharing these experiences with students and colleagues both here and abroad is endless. He is an amazing colleague and makes Hartwick College a better place to work and learn.

Ross, an active soloist in liturgical music, has performed as a soloist with a wide array of music groups: choral, chamber and orchestral, including appearances with the Catskill and Albany Symphonies, Catskill Chamber Players and Capitol Chamber Artists. Her recitals of songs and arias have been featured in concerts throughout the northeast, including the Cooperstown Concert Series. She has presented works by Virgil Thomson, Michael Tippett, George Walker, John Cage, Tom Johnson and Yehudi Wyner in the presence of or in collaboration with the composers. She is known for presenting concerts of sacred music of varying periods and genres, and is especially fond of the American Moravian composers and the works of J.S. Bach, receiving a highly favorable review of Kantate 51 from Will Crutchfield in the New York Times.

Slade has a rich, extensive history as a multimedia artist and teacher. As a teacher, he not only provides a coherent, challenging, lively curriculum, utilizing a range of pedagogy, but he keeps the health and safety of students a top priority. He has a long-standing history of creating opportunities inside and outside of Anderson, including the sculpture trail at Pine Lake, pilgrimages to such places as Storm King, and including his students in competitions, such as the New York State snow sculpturing contest. He consistently keeps up with alumni and mutual respect abounds. A myriad of media and themes in his art spans these three decades at Hartwick. The legacy of these works embodies the integrity of long held, passionate commitments to these sociopolitical, ecological and larger cosmological concerns.

Marking 35 years of service to the college were Dr. Robert R. Bensen, Professor of English, Mrs. Janet W. Bresee, Adjunct Instructor in Dance and Physical Education, Dr. Robert C. Gann, Professor of Computer and Information Science and Physics, Mrs. Deb B. Hilts, Director of Information Systems Services & Associate Director of Information Technology, and Mr. Thomas G. Sears, Professor of Accounting and Business Administration.

Bensen came to Hartwick College in 1978 with the very important assignment of implementing the then new, and still current, Writing Competency Program. The success of the Writing Competency Program, which has weathered two revisions of the general education requirements, is due to his steady, competent guidance and his commitment to its principles. He has continued to write and publish poetry, and his scholarship has taken him far beyond his original work in the English Renaissance. Today, he is a recognized scholar of Caribbean and Native American literature, having published articles and books in those fields, and adept in drawing interdisciplinary connections between literature, art and dance. Bensen has taught a generation of Hartwick students how to write, how to think, and how to interpret literature from the writer's perspective. People who work with Bensen appreciate his sense of humor and his humility. He is valued for being a supportive colleague, and his contributions to the college are beyond measure.

Bresee is a member of the Hartwick family who has been touching the lives of our students for 35 years with her grace, knowledge, creativity and devotion. She has long been making a positive difference in the lives of Hartwick students and her classes in modern, ballroom and couples dance, and Pilates, continue to be favorites among the students. During her time at Hartwick, she has been instrumental in the development of dance and Orchesis. In 2008 she was selected as the first recipient of the Tom Greene Memorial Award for Meritorious Service, which is presented to an individual having given a lifetime of service to Hartwick athletics. Her life-long commitment to wellness and balance makes her a role model for all of us. Bresee has a beautiful and graceful spirit and is a joyful presence in the lives of those privileged to work and learn with her.

2013 Quinquennial Awards at Hartwick College

Gann is the consummate Computer Scientist. He loves to tinker with new computer languages, software, and devices. He devises ingenious methods to incorporate the latest advances in the field into all of his coursework. In particular, he enjoys sharing his discoveries with his students, both in his Game Programming First-Year Seminar and with our upper level majors. He is an asset to Hartwick, both in and out of the classroom. He loves teaching and advising students. Many of our students have said that they are here because of Gann. He is always pleased when our alumni report that they have been very well prepared by Hartwick's Computer Science program for both graduate school and careers. A lesser known fact about him is that he was the originator of our Awakening Program which just celebrated its 29th year. As a reflection of Gann's commitment and love of Hartwick College you can often find him volunteering to take on extra tasks. According to one of his colleagues, "Bob is unquestionably True Blue."

Hilts has worked in the Development Office, the Admissions Office, the Registrar's Office, Academic Computing, Administrative Computing and Institutional Information Systems Services. The College's success with Datatel is in large measure due to her selfless support of those departments which depend on it and her team. She is one of those founts of institutional wisdom upon which we have all come to depend. Hilts is again in the process of demonstrating her considerable ability at organizing, analyzing and prioritizing the steps required for converting Ellucian Colleague from using the UniData database to running on the Microsoft SQL Server database in a virtual environment. She is also Associate Director of Information Technology with responsibility for overseeing the department's nineteen budgets.

Sears has served the Department of Business Administration & Accounting for 35 years. He has made memories for hundreds of students both in his Accounting classroom and beyond. He has journeyed with them to witness the downfall of the Berlin Wall, the challenges of Communism and its aftermath in Eastern Europe and the beauty of Vienna & New Zealand. He has been their undying supporter and champion at athletic venues from Lambros Arena, Wright Stadium, Elmore Field and Moyer Pool to water polo venues across the United States. He has equally served his colleagues in the roles of ATP member, Department Chair and Faculty Chair. His pride as the 2005 recipient of the Margaret Bunn Award may only be overshadowed by the 2013 publication of his book "Faces of Freedom, Lives of Courage" that shares the stories of Romanian political prisoners and their fight for freedom. Sears has made a remarkable contribution to the Hartwick Community.

For more information, contact Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz at 607-431-4319 or at

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